Outsourcing bookkeeping services saves a lot of time and money. Most business owners feel that experienced and professional bookkeepers are necessary for considerable business growth. Bookkeeping prices for every business vary depending upon the complexity, size, and tasks performed. Let’s understand these factors in detail.

 Factors that Determine the Bookkeeping Rates

Any business’s financial plan requires consistent growth that is financed by positive cash flows from various operations. It is very much required to avail of bookkeeping services to get the required value you expected from your business.

Getting bookkeeping services from an experienced service provider can keep you up to date on your business pricing. But, outsourcing your business’s bookkeeping depends upon the complexity of services and the number of transactions performed.

The geographical factor that is your location plays an important role in determining your bookkeeping cost. Other than this, these are some factors that determine bookkeeping prices.

Evaluating Price

To make sure you get the most appropriate bookkeeping service and the value you intend to get, it is essential to consider how different solutions calculate their bookkeeping prices and the extra fee required before you sign up with them.

Check the Pricing Advantage

When you research the market to choose the best bookkeeping service for your business, you need to keep a tight leash on your budget and the advantage you are getting from a bookkeeping service provider. A company that is ready to offer services at a considerably low price cannot necessarily be a good option.

Basic Bookkeeping or Full Service

For new businesses and startups, the main reasons that determine the need for bookkeeping include remaining compliant with federal regulations and state laws, paying bills, and getting paid.

For this, you need to hire bookkeepers to sustain your advanced accounting needs. Also, it would help if you availed of accrual-based accounting or management accounting to lead data-driven solutions. It is crucial to figure out whether you need a simple or complex bookkeeping structure.

As the cost is more for complex solutions, you need to pay even higher if you choose full-time service.

Pricing Structure

Different bookkeepers offer different pricing. For getting a competitive rate, you need to shop around in the market to get the price customized as per your needs. There are different pricing options available to choose from for your business.

Hourly Fees

This pay structure is quite famous for small companies. You should be charged lower than what you will pay in monthly installments by availing of this pricing structure. The standard rates for hourly bookkeeping vary from company to company.

Fixed Fee Pricing

If you go for this option, then you need to pay a fixed fee for availing of bookkeeping service for a pre-decided period which you can say for a month. In this scenario, you are not liable to pay for every email, fax, or phone call that is exchanged.

Companies that want to avail of a more straightforward budgeting plan can go for a fixed fee option. You can certainly move on to a more flexible approach if you require a minimal amount of bookkeeping.

You can also avail the option of both hourly fees and fixed-fee pricing.

Project Fees

You can pay project fees when you need an accountant to solve your complicated problems. Another reason to support this is when your record has fallen back, and you want to bring it back to deck and need a helping hand.

Startup Pricing

Bookkeeping service companies will offer you great support to keep your bookkeeping system up and running in a successful way. Once your work volume increases, you need to use an advanced bookkeeping package to handle the increase.

How to Choose the Right Bookkeeping Package?

Each bookkeeping company offers a different range of services, but all the expert bookkeepers keep hold by maintaining the accurate and up-to-date record of your company using good accounting software, your income and expense, and record of daily transactions.

The time required for your bookkeeping is determined by the number of transactions and the complexity of your work. If there are plenty of transactions, then you need to pay a considerable amount for bookkeeping. The complex factors include how you receive your revenue, the number of credit card accounts and bank accounts in use, etc.

So, the more complex your financing, the longer it will take.


Bookkeeping services can give you a proper estimate of your work, and you need to select a package accordingly. You can choose a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription, the one that most suits your business.