Using a keyboard and mouse configuration is not just the only method to play Battle Royale Fortnite. It is natural that a title that has console ports is also compatible with PC controllers, a bunch of players still prefers controller, even the professional Fortnite player in the world knows the beauty of using controllers, more importantly, the exciting game like Fortnite you just need a controller with comfortable and more grippy material that will make your gameplay experience a little jumpier whenever a Victory Royale pop up on your screen.

Since Fortnite is one of the games that contain a bunch of tasks to do in just a blink of an eye, you need vital skills when using the controller. Therefore, controllers are clearly not for everyone, however, if you keep on eyeing to experiment with Fortnite controllers, there is a course of action you must take to accelerate potential. First thing first, you have to keep in mind that you need to use the correct Fortnite controller. On any console, mobile device, or PC, you must use something that works. You can also upgrade and buy items through the Fortnite item shop. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your game with a controller.


  • Comfort -Improving the game with a controller comes from practice, so your controller should be comfortable.
  • Ergonomic – the controller must be well designed and distributed. A weird button organization isn’t going to be great here.
  • Responsive – Controllers may have some input lag compared to a mouse and keyboard. You should investigate the input lag in your controller if you trust it for split-second reactions.
  • Back Paddles – If you can get a controller with back paddles, they will make building a lot easier.

with the right controller you picked out, you must actually know how to use it. Here’s how you can make hay while the sun shines out of the Fortnite controller:

Builder Pro

First and foremost, when you start to play Fortnite Battle Royale using a controller is you need to switch to first to a Builder Pro. This edition of the control scheme manages it easier to quickly build the controller, which should support you with the single main advantages of every keyboard gamers have.


The sensitivity settings will not be alike on a controller compared to a keyboard and a mouse. Your maneuver is much more restricted, so you must increase your sensitivity a little bit. Increase it little by little until you meet a sensitivity that suits you fine. You should focus on being one’s within control to achieve stick movements to aim quickly.

Practice Building

Aiming or pinpointing is easier to calibrate than by building. When using a Fortnite controller, the building is where you need to improve. Building with a controller is much less responsive than a mouse and a keyboard, practicing building is the best you can do to improve.

Turn off Auto Aim for Editing

Aim Assist is really useful when you are shooting, but for editing? Not that much. Make sure to disable this once you’ve gotten used to editing and building on a Fortnite controller.

Loot like a Pro

If you would like to loot resources quicker, but wanted it to be systematic; there are 2-way to complete the task: First, ensure to switch on the “Tap to search or interact”. Now, you can Tap the search if you are looking for Fortnite items and grab them in lieu of controlling a button while dillydallying your precious time. Subsequently, audit your bag and arrange your catalog or inventory the best way possible like switching between an assault rifle and shotgun instead of wasting time cycling to the gun you want. Being a little faster and more organized could save you from a loss.

Build Faster

As we have heard that a particular ultimate part of this Fortnite battle royale is its building, and by quicker you build, the luckier you will be. We recommend reducing your build sensitivity to around 1.8 to 2.1 to have more control over the parts you are placing.

Master using a Fortnite controller

With everything set up to get the most out of a Fortnite controller, you need to practice. As with playing with a mouse and a keyboard, skill comes from practice. Building muscle memory with a Fortnite controller will make its use much more responsive. A good way to practice is to take creative courses that allow you to practice marksmanship, construction, and close combat. Nonetheless, once you’ve become proficient in the use of Fortnite controller you gain the in-game experience.

If you want to get better with a Fortnite Battle Royale controller, you should also make sure you are running the best settings for the game and getting the best possible frames per second.

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