On average, the typical driver will get into car accidents approximately once every 18 years. When you consider the lifespan of most people in today’s modern era, that’s about four accidents in a lifetime.

How many car accidents daily can be broken down even further when one considers that there are trucks, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. These statistics don’t include pedestrian accidents unless they are a pedestrian that is hit by a vehicle.  If you get into an accident, you need to find a personal injury car accident lawyer.

According to the Association for Safe International road travel or ASIRT, there is a variety of contributing factors. From human error to equipment malfunction, there are many reasons for such accidents so an accurate count is difficult at best to estimate. However, it is estimated that 1.25 million persons will die in a road crash in the average year. This breaks down to 3,287 persons per day that will die in a car crash.

How Many Car Accidents Can Occur by 2030?

According to estimates, by the year 2030, road crashes will be the fifth leading cause of death on roadways unless action is taken to help reduce road crashes. Many urban areas are currently trying to get legislation in place to enforce stricter laws to help reduce the incidence of road crashes.

Most car accidents happen in the age bracket of 15 to 22 years of age. These are younger drivers with less experience and approximately half of these accidents could be prevented with stricter laws. Such laws include reducing distractions while driving such as the use of a cell phone, eating or drinking beverages (not necessarily alcoholic beverages) while driving, and more driver education before taking to the roadways.

Drivers also need to pay close attention to speed limits, speed limit changes in specific areas, seat belt laws, child restraints for car seats, and helmet laws for both motorcycles and bicyclists. When these are adhered to, the risk of injury in an accident is dramatically reduced. But If you or a liked one has actually experienced an accident, choosing the very best USA Injury Attorney isn’t always simple. That’s why from the minute you contact Illinois Motorcycle attorney, we’ll verify to you, you’ve made a sensible decision.

Why Accidents Occur Every Day?

When speed limits are followed and adhered to, the risk also goes down. Weather conditions can adversely affect the dangers in driving as well. Rainy or snowy weather can cause more car accidents as well as the fact that cars can risk hydroplaning on water covered roadways.

Learning to prevent an accident before it occurs is tantamount to reducing the incidence of how many car accidents daily occur. To further complicate matters, different countries have different laws and speed limits. Not all speed limits are stated in miles per hour, in most countries, they are stated in kilometers. Understanding the difference can go far to help reduce the incidence of car accidents when traveling in foreign countries.

When considering the average number of car crashes daily as 3,287, it’s important to note that it is just the number of crashes that result in death. There are perhaps as many as three times that amount who are injured or walk away uninjured in car crashes in the average day.

Road crashes are expensive. On average, $230.6 billion is spent per year on repairs or hospital visits due to car accidents. That averages out to $820 per person annually. To help reduce car crashes, vehicles are engineering more safety features in newer cars.

They’re designing more visibility for the occupants and recommending or designing cars that have daytime running lights that are on when the car is running. Brake lights are being mounted higher to draw more attention to their brightness.

Bicycles and cycles, as well as carts and rickshaws, are choosing to install more reflectors and reflective materials. It’s difficult at best to determine exactly how many car accidents daily occur when you consider that many that are without injury or vehicle damage aren’t even reported.

Every state has different laws and you should consult an attorney on the car accident statute of limitations, which is a state law that sets out the amount of time you have to go to court and get your lawsuit filed.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car crash, truck accident, motorcycle accident or another type of accident, you’ll probably want to put your personal injury case in the hands of an experienced accident attorney.

If you get into a serious accident, you will need the services of a top car accident lawyer who focuses on motor vehicle accidents.  Most accident lawyers will provide a free consultation, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Conclusion: You should try and get the names of several personal injury attorneys and meet with each of them to discuss your case before you decide to hire anyone.  Also, be prepared for possible rejection. Many attorneys do not take cases if they fall below a certain recovery amount or don’t seem like solid cases.