How to Attract Proper Partner on Dating Site: Creating Perfect Profile


Well, it happened: you are ready to give a chance to online dating sites. You come here with a certain goal: looking for like-minded people, searching for relationships, or just chatting. But how to make your profile stand out among thousands of others and attract proper partners?

On a dating platform, you have only two working tools: your photo and your bio. If there are no questions about the photo, writing a good description can become a challenging process. We collected several tips to help you to charm local singles nearby with your profile.

Focus on the main things

Think, what your possible partners need to know about you: something about your lifestyle, character, and what you are doing here. For example, you adore walking a dog in the park, a fan of an active way of life, passionate about cooking, painting, or diving. If you are an expert in comics, old movies, video games, or are excited about your job, don’t be afraid and tell users about it.

Choose the most crucial things that can describe you and describe them as short as you can. Don’t forget what you are writing – it’s not a memoir or resume. People browse lots of profiles, a long text can put them off.

If you don’t know what to write, ask your friends how they would сharacterize you.

Be honest and remember your goal

Don’t try to meet all users’ preferences. It’s impossible to do: all people are different, and you need a like-minded person, someone who will understand you. By doing so, you save your future time and screen out people who aren’tready to accept you as you are. Plethora women seeking men sounds too abstract. So, if you are dreaming about a big friendly family, want to save rare animals, or see the world, you need to tell it, and don’t be afraid to filter people with other goals.

Be polite and friendly

When you describe your proper partner, avoid idealization. Don’t describe his or her body type, weight, height, appearance: it shows you as a superficial and picky person.

Instead, you can tell about character traits that you are looking for: animal friendly, or leading a healthy lifestyle, etc.

Also, don’t write about his or her hobbies: it would be enough to tell people about your interests. If you write about your passion for camping, rock-climbing, or skydiving, local singles nearby, who like it too, will contact you .

Give people a clear picture

Don’t forget that with the help of your profile, you talk with strangers: people can understand your words on their own. So, explain what your words mean. What hides behind the phrase “kind person”: you take care of your relatives, rescue animals, or are a volunteer in a social organization? What about your “like to travel”: you spend vacations in different countries, take your car and go through the state, or explore wild places of nature? All this information works as hints and helps people to start a conversation with you.

Avoid negativity and criticism

A lot of “no” in the profile doesn’t seem attractive. You should focus on positivity. Otherwise, it’s a sign to talk with a psychologist. On the dating site, women seeking men, and vice versa, don’t want to read about drama or prove something.

Also, if your friends understand your sarcasm, other people may not appreciate it. If you want to show your sense of humor, it’s a good idea, but make sure that your jokes are harmless. Remember that you are here to find a compatible person, not to scare off all the rest. It’s a network, anything can happen. So, forget and move forward if you aren’t excited about your conversationalist.

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