As a runner or a jogger, you know that you don’t need too many accessories and pieces of equipment in order to be ready to hit the pavement and exercises. Shorts, shirts, running shoes, and Shoe Hero are all you need and you are ready . However, even though clothes don’t necessarily have to be of top-notch quality, your running shoes definitely have to. So, before you go out for a jog, make sure to invest some time in researching and finding some great shoes, and here are some things to look for.

Consider Your Weight

When picking new running shoes, you simply have to consider your weight. This is because the more pounds you have the more your shoes go through some serious wear and tear. This is important because each foot strike when it makes an impact is equal to up to five times your body weight, and through time, your shoes will get damaged. And if you didn’t consider your weight when buying shoes, chances are big that they will tear or become unusable soon. So, if you are heavier, make sure to invest in shoes with more material and that are comfy but sturdy. Do your research, try out shoes and check their material, and if you want only the best quality, you can find it here.

Shoe Size Matters

The size of your shoes has to be right and exact in order to maintain the full functionality of the shoe and don’t hurt your feet. As your foot makes contact with the ground it expands, due to the pressure of your body weight. So, if you are running in shoes that are a bit smaller or they fit exactly, chances are big that you will stretch the seams which damage the shoe. Plus, your feet and toes will feel uncomfortable and you increase the risks of injuries or blisters. The safest way to be sure the size is right, you should leave a width of a thumb between the tip of your big toe and the shoes’ seam.

Consider Your Running Technique

Not every one of us runs in the same way and we don’t use the same techniques. If you have a dynamic and light-footed technique where your foot makes the contact briefly, that puts less stress on the shoes which means that they could last longer even if they don’t have a lot of sturdiness in them. On the other hand, you will need sturdier shoes with quality seams and soles if your technique is rather undynamic and if you pound the ground with your entire body weight. And if you are not sure, test your running technique and pay attention to it so you would be sure which model fits your running style the best.

Pay Attention to Your Arch Type and Flexibility

The last, but also important, thing to consider is the shape of your foot. More precisely your arch and flexibility. The height and flexibility of your arch will affect the amount of support your foot will need, which means that if your arch is higher and less flexible, you will need less support. On the other hand, if your arch is lower and more flexible, your foot will need more support. In the first case you should look for shoes called Neutral, and for the latter case, look for ones that are called Stability and you will make the right choice.

Your running shoes are your biggest and best investment if you want to run and exercise without having any issues. Be careful and methodical when picking the shoes and you won’t make any mistakes.