Torx screwdrivers were invented back in 1967, which are typically used in bicycles, vehicles, hard disk drivers, computer systems and other electronics. The “torx” refers to the screw head shape which has a unique 6 point star shape pattern. It is also referred to  as a star screw sometimes. And is termed star bit and star tool by some too.

The star shape basically aids in tightening and untightening screws. And due to this very shape, these screwdrivers are considered to be much safer than the flat or the cross head ones. They also offer better torque transmission and are resistant to different types of wear and tear. Thus, they tend to last longer than the regular screwdrivers too.

Now, when you step into a shop to buy a torx screwdriver, you might come across different options. The salesman will show you different options. But you need to have a little insight to get the best one for yourself. And it is easily determinable too. You can also get really high quality torx screwdrivers at Sydney Tools.

How to choose the best Torx Screwdriver?

So what do you need to consider before buying torx screwdrivers? Only 3 main features!

Yes, you only have to look into three features of the screwdriver, before purchasing it to ensure that you are making the right pick.

  1. Grip:

The most important first feature to consider is the grip of the screwdriver. The grip must be ergonomic and nicely fit your hand. Sometimes, you need to handle a high degree of torque. If the grip isn’t good, you wouldn’t be able to do it properly. Thus, hold the screwdriver and make sure that it’s grip feels comfortable and nice in your hand. If it isn’t comfortable; look for another one.

  • Hardened Tip:

This is another important feature to look into. The screwdriver needs a hardened tip. What does this mean? It simply means that a torx screwdriver with a soft tip will lose its shape very quickly. And it will result in stripping the torx screw. And you will have to buy a new one again. Thus, carefully examine the tip before buying it.

  • Precision of the Tip:

Lastly, you need to consider the precision ground of the tip. It should be a rescission ground so the torx fits perfectly. The precision ground matters a lot in tightening and untightening of screws. Thus, one must never overlook this feature.

FINAL VERDICT When you look into these three features, you are able to get a torx screwdriver that can handle all types of stubborn screws. Even when you are buying torx screwdriver sets; considering these three major factors will help you make the right buying decision.