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Tired of paid screen recorder software with limitations of recording time? Sick of the default watermark but no way to remove it? Annoyed by lagging while recording HD? iFun Screen Recorder has solved all these problems for you.

When it comes to screen recorders, the first question most people ask: is it free? One considers Screen Recorder as a mini tool to help you record something. Why should I pay for a Mini Tool? If it cannot be used for free, they need to spend a lot of money monthly or yearly, as most screen recording applications will limit the recording time if you are not a paid user. This is why IObit, a global software company, decided to develop a free screen recorder for users around the world. Experienced in developing easy-to-use software, the IObit team started soon after clearly understanding the main features of this new kid.

  1. Free and Easy to Use

iFun Screen Recorder can be downloaded from their official site without registration or any of your personal information. After installing it, you can start using it without your credit card. It’s completely free. From the entire display to the small dialog box, simply select the area you need to record and move on.

  1. Easily Add or Cancel Default Watermarks

Easily check or uncheck the “Add watermark to video” checkbox to decide whether a watermark is required. All users can do this.

  1. No Lagging During HD Recording

IObit knows that everyone wants a HD video. However, producing HD video usually takes up many of your computer’s resources, which can leave you feeling laggy when recording. But the team has achieved an average of 8% CPU usage, making extremely smooth recording possible after thousands of optimizations by adopting GPU hardware acceleration technology for more efficient and stable video recording and editing.

  1. Free Online Screen Recorder

Not everyone wants to install desktop-level applications just for Windows. That’s why the IObit team has created this online screen recorder for its users. All you need is a browser like Chrome, Firefox or Opera to get a clean video without watermark. The Online version supports 3 modes: full screen recorder, software software window recorder and browser tab recorder. No matter what type you use, your screen videos will be saved in “WebM” format.

Bottom-line? No matter if you are a teacher, student, programmer, rapper, online or offline IObit Screen Recorder will be your best help. Capture every moment of your screen to show you a better, a better world. IObit Screen Recorder – Far beyond recording.

  1. Take Screenshot While Recording

Taking screenshots while recording is a common necessity, but not to break the recording thread, as there are exciting moments that you might want to use as your video cover or upload it to your social media platforms. IObit Screen Recorder gives you the ability to do them all at the same time, after taking together the technical barriers between video and audio recording and screen capture.

  1. Edit After Recording

A screen recorder is not complete without the convenience of trimming and clipping. Thus, IObit Screen Recorder provides you with a basic editing function to trim both video and audio. Every single frame is under your control.

  1. Recording Schedule to Automatically Start and End Recording at a Scheduled Time

You can set a recording schedule to record TV, movies, online classes or game, etc. at a scheduled time. You can also run an auto-ending recording to end the recording automatically when you an not end the record in some times. It is quite easy to use, just set the recording schedule, and iFun Screen Recorder will record for you per your needs.

  1. Save an extra audio file while recording
    There are many situations, you just want to record an audio such as recording music. iFun Screen Recorder also allows you to record a separate audio files to meet different requirements.


iFun Screen Recorder is one of the best free screen recorder no watermark Windows programs that is available in the market. It records high quality (4k supported) videos for a full screen, a window, or any selected region. You can record with/without webcam and microphone as per your needs. When recording online classes or lectures, you can add mouse click effects by highlighting the cursor and adding animation to the mouse click actions. You are also allowed to start and end recording at a scheduled time or run an auto-ending recording directly. It provides you a wide range of video formats to choose from such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF. Thus, iFun Screen Recorder is an ideal screen recorder for anyone who has the needs for easy and smooth screen recording and sharing the record videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, FaceBook, etc.

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