Are you also bored with bare walls and looking to refresh your space? Those bare walls have endless possibilities to change and add the spark to your home space without putting in too much effort. Amp up your wall with wall hanging décor or choose the below-mentioned wall décor tips to reflect your taste and personality. Whether you are a nature lover, a painting enthusiast, a music lover, or a DIY expert, check these ideas out and let your home go through a simple makeover.

An oversized painting:

If you want to decorate your wall most quickly, then an oversized painting or art gets all the attention on the bare wall making the space look unique and beautiful. Whether it is nature art, an abstract, or anything that you love, this idea will work wonders on a small or big house to create a change.

Wall of frame:

An array of frames on the wall is yet another way to showcase your taste and personality. You can display a collection of paintings, quotes, photographs, or wall hangings. This way you can extend the gallery wall whenever you want with no restrictions. This space gives the illusion of a large space as well as brings backs the memory in a glance.

Fabric frame:

If you love some print or fabric and wish to preserve it, the wall hanging is the best way to do it. Vintage scarfs, pretty textiles, tapestry make a lovely framed painting on the wall making your home colorful and unique looking. The bonus is it’s a lot easier to decide about such wall decors.


With mirrors available in different sizes, shapes, and designs, it is the easiest way to glam the wall. It reflects light, makes small space appear big and brighter. Thus, you can either hang an oversized mirror in the design of your choice, or multiple small mirrors hanged in some pattern to make the wall interesting.

Incorporate shelves:

If you want to decorate the wall and make it useful, hanging shelves is the best way to keep your collection of books, plants, or showpieces. Floating shelves help make the entire wall interesting, while it makes the most interesting wall décor. An idea to illuminate it further is by putting lights below the shelves that enhance each shelf like a masterpiece.

Plant hanging:

If you thought one can only place plants in the balcony or garden, try hanging or wall-mounting the planters inside your home to enhance the wall. It will not just make a unique wall décor or it will also make the entire space calm with its greenery. Uplift your wall in this simplest way and we assure you won’t ever regret it.

An oversized wall clock:

When utility and style go hand-in-hand, nothing beats an oversized wall clock in the shape of the cycle or any other shape to give instant enhancement to the wall and space. Whatever be the size and shape, it catches the instant focus of anyone entering the room making it a center of attraction.

Try these ideas to enhance your wall and let us know which worked for you. While these ideas are creative, they are going to uplift your home, giving it a look that you never saw before.