A lot of people enjoy a well-crafted drink. It can be at the end of a long day, to celebrate a special event, a night out, or simply enjoying time off no matter your reasoning why knowing how to mix liquors can make you a better host. When entertaining your guests’ well-known drinks, such as the Bloody Mary are far more memorable than just pouring straight from the bottle. Having your own mini-bar at home is not only convenient, but it also allows you to spice up any get-together or dinner party. Like a lot of people, you’ve likely bought various types of drinks (such as vodka, gin, rum, etc.) on per bottle basis and kept around a few of your favorites. An at-home bar is a bit more involved. However, it allows a lot more flexibility and creativity with your mixed drinks. Here are some tips to help you set up an at-home bar.

Setting Up Your Mini-Bar Tips and Tricks

  • Location: where you place your in-home bar depends on what you have available. Some people have plenty of room and storage space that isn’t being used, so it just becomes a matter of getting the right beverages and tools. However, you may not be so fortunate. You may need a new piece of furniture or if you lack space, a trolley is another option.  
  • Write a Drink List: before you start buying various bottles of liquors it’s important to know what you want to make or try out. Having a small drink list can help you narrow down the selection, focus your shopping, and learn how to make specific types of mixed drinks. Also, don’t forget the basic tools such as a jigger, mixer, measuring spoons, shaker, bottle openers, and a strainer.
  • Drink What You Like: while variety may be the spice of life, you certainly don’t want to buy liquors or tools you’ll never use. You should focus on drinks you like and also personal favorites of people you see or have over to your home often.
  • Research: there are a lot of different types of drinks out there. It is entirely possible to have the same drink prepared several ways depending on where you are when ordering. These local takes on the classics and creative modifications are part of what makes mixing drinks so fun. There is an art to it so doing some research not only exposes you to different types of drinks it can also give you ideas on to make subtle changes to make these drinks fit your specific preferences. 
  • It’s Not All Liquors: mixed drinks are more than just the alcohol component. Depending on the drink you’re making, there could be a need for various types of fruit juice, milk, sodas, seltzers, salt, fresh fruit, additional mixers, and more. Having a full ingredient list allows you to be versatile in your drink mixing and make a wide assortment of beverages for yourself and any visitors you may have. 
  • Have Fun With It: finally, don’t forget to have fun. When learning to mix drinks, or just expanding your recipe list, don’t be afraid to try out new ideas or methods. A lot of mixed drinks have alternative recipes with some having a wide assortment of different ingredient lists and minor changes.  

Final Thoughts

When you’re out for the evening enjoying your favorite drinks, it’s easy to think you have to go to a restaurant or bar to enjoy them. However, that is not the case as with some time, planning, and a bit of practice, you can enjoy these beverages in your timeframe and when you want to enjoy time with friends, family, and guests.