Night Shift – 6 Tips for Creating A Safe and Efficient Site When Working at Night


Night shift is a common part of many industries, from hospitality and healthcare to mining and manufacturing. As common as it is, not every business owner is following the steps necessary to keep their night shift workers happy, healthy, and safe. If you notice a great divide between your day and night shift team, consider whether the following information might bridge it:

Provide Ample Illumination

Something as simple as an extra lighting tower or two can make a world of difference to staff members working at night, particularly in mining environments. By providing bright lights in poorly lit areas, workers can do their job to the same standard as those working in the light of day.

Street lighting and security lighting can also be worthwhile considerations. Not only can your team see what they are doing for safety and precision, but they can feel safer during what is typically the most dangerous part of the day.  

Install Clear Signage

Small, unremarkable signs around workplaces don’t cause too many problems for day shift workers. It’s easy enough to heed the warnings when you’re working with natural light.

At night, it’s a different story. Without bright, large signs that stand out under night lighting, it’s easy to miss what could very well be a crucial safety consideration. Whenever you’re installing new health and safety features, consider both your day staff and your night staff.

Emphasize Health and Wellbeing

There are a number of health conditions linked to working night shifts, such as an increased risk of heart disease, some cancers, and obesity. Where possible, encourage healthy work and lifestyle habits in order to mitigate these risks.  

This could be as simple as ensuring the free fruit and healthy snacks are replenished for night staff. Gym memberships and health insurance are also worthy of consideration as part of your employment packages. Having consistent working hours may also prevent havoc from being wreaked on your team’s sleep schedule. These small things could make a big difference to your team’s health and wellbeing.

Provide the Right Facilities

Day shift workers at large companies have access to many helpful facilities. There might be a lunchroom for fresh meals and an on-site first-aid worker to assist with any injuries. These facilities might not be open at night, which means night shift workers can miss out on vital necessities.

Regardless of the shift, ensure your workers have access to bathroom facilities, a break room, food (if it’s something your workplace offers), and quick access to a trained medical professional.

Put Steps in Place to Avoid Fatigue

Fatigue can increase the risk of workplace injuries, errors, and accidents. While you may not be able to get around having night shift staff, you may be able to make small changes to reduce fatigue. These may include scheduled rest breaks, rotating shift patterns, and adequate heating and lighting.

Make Communication Easy

Night shift workers who work alone or with a small group of people may be more vulnerable than day shift workers. It’s essential to implement reliable systems that allow for seamless communication. The last thing you want is for significant issues to fall through the cracks.

Make sure your day shift team can communicate with your night shift team, and vice-versa. Provide after-hours numbers to solve pressing problems and make sure emergency issues can be promptly addressed.

Night shift and day shift employees may work in the same company, but their workplace experiences can be vastly different. Create a healthier, safer, and more efficient workplace by implementing the tips above. 

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