Flexographic printing is the modern-day letterpress printing and can be used to print on everything from cellophane to plastic materials and even paper and metallic films. Plates and sleeves and other equipment and supplies are used in the process, including a flexible relief plate, which is why storing all of these items correctly is so important.

Today’s flex storage solutions are different from the solutions from not long ago, and they offer many benefits over any solutions used in the past. These benefits include:

1. It Is a Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Storage Solution

Top-notch storage solutions for flexographic equipment usually include stands and shelves made out of scratch-resistant steel. This makes the storage of sleeves and plates easier and much safer, and even the shelves themselves are resistant to corrosion.

2. It Saves a Lot of Space

Today’s flexographic storage solutions include vertical stands that allow for the storage of sleeves without taking up a lot of space. There is a uniform amount of space in between each stand, and since they’re vertical and not horizontal, you can save a lot of space while still storing a lot of equipment and supplies.

3. It Is Low-Maintenance

These stands are always made out of stainless and non-corrosive materials and are therefore easy to clean and maintain. The fact that the stands are usually on rollers means that you can move them around quickly and easily, which makes the cleaning process even more convenient.

4. It Is an Expandable Solution

You can utilize these storage solutions to be assembled on site. This means that it is also easy to expand them when you need to do so. The spaces are adjustable in order to allow for expansion when you need it, and if you have to relocate your company and move to another location, this reduces the costs involved in doing that.

5. It Is Very Cost-Effective

Modern-day flexographic storage solutions are made with super high-quality materials that are meant to last for a very long time. This automatically saves you money when storing and protecting sleeves from damages. This also means that you’ll only be replacing those sleeves periodically, saving you a lot of money in the meantime.

6. It Is Very Safe and Secure

Modern storage solutions for flexographic printing equipment keeps the equipment much safer because they are usually equipped with locks and CCTV cameras. Sleeves and plates are very expensive, so protecting these items from theft and vandalism from both employees and non-employees is crucial. The fact that the equipment is secure can help management rest more easily.

7. It Is Able to Be Used on a Variety of Surfaces

Since you can use flexographic printers to print on a variety of surfaces — including paper, foil, and others — you’ll save a lot of money year after year. The storage solutions you utilize are important because when everything is well protected and that equipment can be used for a variety of jobs, it means that other printers and other equipment and supplies simply aren’t necessary.