Smoking, Eating Marijuana or Vaping: What to Choose


We live in eerie times – THC products can make you anxious, even before you use them! Should you smoke it, vape it, or eat it? With so many options, it is easy to get intimidated, even before throwing Death Star into your mouth. Remember, though, that the true bravery is to act despite the fear! In a second, you’ll learn about the differences between different methods of cannabis consumption. Let’s go!

Eating Edibles

When you think of edibles, the first thing that probably came to your mind was probably “weed brownies”. Sure, you could make cookies, but nowadays, even an innocent-looking gummy bear could be surprisingly powerful. Edibles come in different forms, which means that if your goal is to be stealthy, they are a great choice.

Well, that is, until you start feeling the effects. Most people, who had rather limited experience with marijuana tend to underestimate the power of edibles. You’ll have to be patient – your body needs to digest the edibles for the THC to start taking effect. If, after half an hour, you’ll decide to eat some more, you might be in for a surprise.

According to the experts at Cannabismo, when you eat edibles, your liver converts THC into its metabolites, one of them being 11-OH-THC. So what? Well, if you are interested in a psychological high, you should definitely choose edibles. You will have about 10 times as much 11-OH-THC in your body as if you were to smoke the same amount. Unfortunately, if you’ve chosen edibles because you wanted to keep low-profile, well, I’ve got some bad news for you: everyone knows that you are high. Don’t worry, though, although you may start to suspect why Death Stars are not called something more pleasantly-sounding instead, you aren’t going to die. I promise. But, if you’ve eaten a lot of edibles, it might take some time before your vision returns back to normal.

Smoking Marijuana

If you want to get high quickly, smoking marijuana is the best choice. Sure, it’s not the healthiest method – the high temperature produces tar and carcinogens, damaging your lungs. If you are willing to risk it, or, if you smoke to relieve pain, then go ahead and light ‘er up!

If you do it in public, people will know instantly that this is not tobacco – the smell is quite characteristic, but if you live in a place where marijuana is not treated as a devil’s plant, then no worries! The effects will hit you faster, than if you were vaping, though if you want to get to the outer space, edibles might be a better choice. Or you could just smoke a lot. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The other two options might be superior in many ways, but the one thing they lack is the sense of the ritual. If you eat an edible, you just need to wait, and after about two hours you are super stoned. If you choose to vape instead, you almost won’t feel the smell, and in order to get THC to your body, you will need to charge your vaping device. With joints, it is much simpler. And if you think that marijuana is not about being the most efficient, but about the sense of magic, then it is the best method.

Vaping marijuana

More and more people vape marijuana, rather than smoke it, because of a variety of reasons. If you vape, the temperature is not high enough to produce tar and carcinogens. Sure, there are cases of vaping causing severe health problems, but in most cases, the vaping device was just not up to standard. If you decide to go with this method, choose a well-known brand that uses quality materials.

If you don’t want everyone to know that you are smoking weed, vaping is superior to smoking it. The odour is much less noticeable, which means that you are more likely to remain incognito.

The downside of vaping is that from time to time, you’ll need to charge your device. Don’t worry, the battery should last you for some time, but if you forget about it completely, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Vaping devices are quite costly, but with time, you’ll notice that you don’t need to buy as much weed as if you were smoking it. That’s because if you smoke a joint, a higher temperature turns the plant into ash, making it less effective. If you opt to vape, though, you won’t need to buy weed as frequently.

Each to his own

There’s no use arguing what the best method of cannabis consumption is. Different ways have different effects, which means that before you pass judgement, you should try each method by yourself. Just remember that if you are going to try edibles for the first time, take less than you think is the right amount. Trust me.

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