A family members from Oldham have been bombarded with phone calls from Soulja Young boy followers after the rapper accidentally included their number in his current track, Kiss Me Thru the Phone.

It’s understandable that, isn’t it? When you consider me, I have actually obtained the best account for a rap artist,” joked 54-year-old Oldham indigenous Gerry Matley. His better half, Catriona Smith, stated: “They have actually asked if I am his sweetheart yet I assume I am a bit too old, even for Soulja Child.”

According to the couple, theirs is the 12-digit number that includes in the opening lines of Kiss Me Thru the Phone, which got to No 6 in the UK graphes in Might. The number is ex-directory, and the couple have no idea how it involved include in the track of a 18-year-old rapper from Atlanta. “It resembles winning the lotto, yet we have not obtained any kind of money for it.”

Regardless of obtaining telephone calls all the time, in some cases as late as 3am, the couple have responded to the unusual event with great humour. “Among my daughter’s close friends thinks he’s staying in the loft,” stated Smith.

There has been no remark from Soulful Young boy as to why the couple’s number shows up in his track or whether he has a certain desire for Old ham,

Maybe you remember him and perhaps you don’t. But once he was a famous rapper and currently, he is releasing game consoles. He was renowned back in 2007, with the track ‘Crank That’, and also he hasn’t had a hit because that. Maybe he believed that he will be more effective with creating his very own pc gaming devices.

There are images throughout social networks, as well as people are not that pleased. Soulful Kid created not just ‘Soulmate Console’, but additionally ‘Stopwatch’, ‘Soundscape’, and also ‘Sousaphone HT’.