Top 5 Scandinavian Logistics Companies


Scandinavia is recognized as a global warehouse hub. The location proves to be ideal for distribution and warehouse management. Moreover, it’s arguably one of the top-tiers of the logistics market. Out of all the regions of Scandinavia, Sweden seems to be the primary choice and the leading location in logistics. In addition to this, the advanced warehouse management system, efficient IT solutions, high-quality logistics hubs, etc.- make the region a particularly popular one. To know more in detail, keep reading!

  1. Infranordic Shipping & Forwarding, Sweden

Founded in 1968, Infranordic has improved drastically throughout the years. However, their promise of prioritizing their customers comes first. The company is known for its top-notch services and warehouse management system while maintaining cost efficiency. Moreover, it has a worldwide network filled with qualified logistics partners that make its system even more advanced.

It’s a family-owned company that drives towards profit maximization.

  • Db Schenker, Sweden

With about 2100 locations and 76900 employees worldwide, Schenker operates through advanced warehouse management systems. The company is recognized globally for its land, air, and ocean freight and is one of the leading logistics companies as of now. Moreover, with more than 750 warehouses globally, this company focus on improved supply chain management and its environmental practices.

  • Green Carrier Freight, Sweden 

Throughout Scandinavia, the company has about 11 offices with around 950 employees. The primary goal of the Green Carrier Freight lies in its name- Going Green. The company focuses on the sustainable management of warehouses and ensuring customer satisfaction simultaneously. Furthermore, the company prioritizes quality and delivery while using customized logistics solutions to achieve them.

  • Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics, Sweden

The Scandinavian Shipping and Logistics consist of three departments- Freight Forwarding, Liner Agency, and Overland. While freight forwarding offers global land and air freight, the liner agency focuses mostly on a niche clientele. The overland, on the other hand, provides land transportations to particular locations. The three departments cohere to deliver logistics solutions with high-quality and to maintain the warehouse management systems. The company’s primary goal is customer satisfaction in all three departments. Apart from that, SSL aims to expand through mergers and acquisitions in the future.

  • NTG Nordic Transport Group, Denmark 

Founded in 2011, the NTG Nordic organically grew to be a successful transport organization and continues to do so. The company offers services worldwide and ensures reliability and high-quality. Moreover, it maintains the warehouse management system in a scheduled manner and has a speedy response to any clientele queries. The efficient service makes this company one of the fastest-growing in Scandinavia.


Sweden has one of the most appealing locations for the logistics business. The advanced technology makes warehouse management quite easy and efficient at the same time. Furthermore, cost-efficiency and the fast-track system act as boons. Share this article with your friends and let them know about the top-performing logistics companies in Scandinavia!

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