Top Benefits of Live Surveillance Security Camera Systems


Do you plan to install new surveillance systems for added security? Ensure that the security comprises three zones – the extent of your property, the area of the grounds, and your home interiors. Having as many barriers as possible, including sturdy gates, fences with motion sensors, cameras, emergency lights, etc., helps keep burglars at bay. Include a live watch security camera to ensure around-the-clock security. Most burglars would pass a house with signs of excellent security surveillance and look for newer pastures.

Here are some top benefits of live surveillance security camera systems:

Ease of Installing Wire-Free Systems

The alarm industry is keeping up with the technology of our times and features wireless networks. You can now connect your security system to your mobile phone and to the local police station to get instant alerts of any breaches.  Criminals cutting phone lines to cut communication is a thing of the past. Wired security systems are outdated and subject to sabotage. It is easy to install wireless surveillance systems, and the installation can be done much faster than the traditional wired networks, which are too tedious.

Connected Monitoring

Today’s modern surveillance systems incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing you to take advantage of a host of options, bringing your security monitoring to an altogether different level. Such a high-tech surveillance system includes a live-watch security camera that offers views from multiple angles, offering total security to your home. You can watch your home from different angles using your Smartphone, which is connected to your surveillance system.

Instant Security Alerts

Regardless of where you are during a possible security threat or breach, today’s modern technology keeps you and your family safe. You get instant alerts on your mobile phone when the sensors trigger the monitor, and you know what exactly is happening around your home, although you are miles away. The technology lets you receive and view short videos sent via email each time an alarm is triggered.

Deters Crime

Most burglaries are planned well in advance after “casing the joint” and checking out the security arrangements. Today’s burglars are high-tech and tech-savvy and recognize a high-tech security surveillance system when they see it. With cameras installed in strategic locations and not within reach to deactivate, burglars would rather not take the risk of being caught. They prefer safe homes, in a sense “safe for them to burgle”, and avoid homes that feature high-tech security surveillance systems. Most planned crimes never happen because the burglars are deterred by the most advanced security systems in place.

Checking in on your Pets

Besides offering security against break-ins by burglars, an advanced security system allows you to monitor your pets while you are busy at the workplace. A live-watch security camera will enable you to watch your pets’ every move from your laptop or mobile phone. Knowing that your dear pets are safe at home gives a great sense of relief and lets you work in peace.

Children’s Safety

It is not always easy to find a reliable babysitter. With a modern security surveillance system in place, you can watch your kids from wherever you are. Installing a live-watch security camera in your home ensures that you can check your kids even while you are at home. Watching your little one in a crib in the other room is comfortable with a surveillance camera installed in the baby’s room.

Saving on Home Insurance

With insurance premiums getting dearer by the day, security surveillance systems help reduce premiums. Most insurance companies acknowledge that homes under surveillance are less likely to be burgled and reduce the premium accordingly. Once a home is secured against possible break-ins, it is no longer considered a liability by insurance companies, who don’t have to pay out the insured sums as no burglary is likely to occur. A security surveillance system helps reduce the insurance cost by at least 20 percent.

Recording Evidence

Whether at home or in your office, a security surveillance system allows you access to recorded evidence, making it easy to prove the crime that took place. The advanced cameras help identify the culprit involved in whatever criminal activity and provide tangible evidence to assist with a police investigation.

Automatic Alerts to Local Authorities

Earlier, a break-in in progress needed to be reported to the local police by calling 911. However, a modern security surveillance system ensures that you don’t have to make such calls anymore. The local authorities are automatically alerted when the security is breached in your home and can be there in minutes to thwart the break-in attempt.

Summing it Up

Having your home secured with a modern security surveillance system gives you peace of mind. Besides preventing break-ins and possible burglaries, you can monitor your kids and pets while you are away.

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