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6 Modern Office Features to Check When Choosing an Office Space in Del Mar


San Diego’s tech sector is facing incredible diversification and positive uplift in recent years. The beach city Del Mar with its vibrant beach community offers great scope for new businesses and brands.

Gone are the days of traditional offices; if you are looking to open a new office at Del Mar, modern office spaces are something you should consider.

Consider these six features when you are choosing a Del Mar office space.

Flexible Workspaces

With the US’s unemployment rate averaging at 3.7%, Del Mar has seen an increase in the job market by 1.4% over the last year. With the job market on an upward curve, more office buildings and innovative Del Mar office spaces are popping up in the bustling areas like Jimmy Durante Blvd stretch and Camino Del Mar.

Talking about innovative spaces, one feature to look out for when you are choosing an office space in Del Mar is flexible workspaces. It features tables, desks, and chairs, which can be resized and moved around easily at, will.

As you can customize workspaces, you can dynamically create new teams, which increases collaborative chances between the workers. A few flexible workspaces also have unassigned seating arrangements; this makes it easy to work in today’s virtual workplaces.

Functional Buildings

Many new corporate office buildings in the Jimmy Durante Blvd are designed to accommodate multifunctional features. The large office buildings don’t just come with office spaces for working. They are accompanied by spaces and features that provide entertainment, healthcare, education, and food.

Most of the office spaces in Del Mar are now equipped with restaurants, cafes, bars, libraries, gyms, and, importantly, breathtaking views of the Del Mar beaches. Only when your employees are happy at work will they stay there longer.

Ideas keep the business running; it does not matter if it comes from a cubicle or an office gym. It keeps both the business and the employees happy.

Ergonomic Design & Workstations

Sitting is an addiction. Long hours at your work desk, bent over your laptop or desktop, can have severe effects on you and your employees’ health. To avoid this, you can look for ergonomic features in the workstations.

From ergonomic chairs to height-adjustable desks, exercise ball chairs, sit and stand desk risers, there are many options available now in the new office spaces in Del Mar.

As sitting for too long can pose health risks, employees would like to alternate between standing and sitting while working. The height-adjustable desks and the ergonomic chairs will be useful for everyone, while the exercise ball chairs and the sit and stand desk risers are only starting to get popular among the folks in Del Mar.

Office Spaces with Open Plans

Del Mar is a city with many ethnic groups and cultures thriving with many social spaces where people interact. As humans are naturally social animals, the same setup can work wonders in workspaces.

Many studies have shown that office spaces with open plans can drastically improve the employees’ mood. It is one of the essential features in modern offices that encourage socializing and collaboration among the employees.

Modern employers, especially the younger people and millennials, require the right elements of interaction at the workplace to boost long-term productivity. Thus, opt for open office layouts when choosing a modern Del Mar office space for your setup,

Cozy, Feel-Like Home Features

A workplace that resembles a home away from home is a major trend in Del Mar. With so many beaches flanking the city, Jimmy Durante Blvd’s office buildings blur the line smoothly between work style and lifestyle.

Comfortable sofas, recreational wings with lounge areas, and more can make the workspace stress-free and relax as much as possible. When employees work in such a space, they can take short breaks when they feel overworked and get some rest to relax their body and mind to get active again.

Apart from being a relaxing zone, couches and sofas can also increase productivity, as employees can sit there and work on their laptops in their comfort zone.

Features Incorporating Nature

It is one of the most powerful trends reshaping Del Mar’s workplace, reconnecting the people with nature. Workplaces integrated with natural elements let the employees satisfy their innate need to connect to nature, resulting in improved health, creativity, concentration, and work performance.

Flowing water, natural light, views of nature, plants, and natural materials are some of the main elements you can look for in such workspaces.

In Del Mar, the vibrant beaches offer breathtaking natural views, especially from office spaces located in Jimmy Durante Blvd stretch and Camino Del Mar.

Vibrant office features can enhance the collaboration, creativity, productivity, and health of the employees. Del Mar naturally gives you the advantage of being a beach community, so look for other features that will augment the effect when looking for the right Del Mar office space.