Top signs you should work with an online English tutor


Maybe you are lagging in class, having difficulty grasping the complicated concepts present during class. You may have a hard time keeping current with your homework, since the questions are complex and multifaceted.

If you find yourself struggling to stay afloat in school, there are certain resources you can use to build your confidence and remain current with your workload.

Signs you need an online English tutor

Your homework is taking hours to complete

If your homework is taking you multiple hours per night to complete, it is time to find out why. No class should give you more than 1 hour of homework, considering you will be taking 5-6 classes of a similar course load. Do you find that homework is taking you twice as long as it should?

In this case, you should look into online English teachers on Preply to help you grasp difficult concepts and reduce your time spent at a desk. Learn more about how to find the perfect online english teachers on Preply.

You need extra help

There is no shame in asking for help – everyone needs help at some point in their schooling career. Most students need help at least once a week with homework, whether from a teacher, friend, or parent. If you find yourself needing help more than usual, and find that your normal people are too busy to spend time with you, using an online English teacher on Preply can be the best solution.

You dread English class

If you hate going to English class, whether it be due to the difficulty understanding the concepts, embarrassment of taking so long at work, or not liking your teacher, this is a sign that online tutoring can be your solution. Instead of hating something, it could be due to a lack of understanding. Use online English teachers in Preply to help broaden your horizons and find a teacher who suits your learning style.

No rewards for your hard work

If you diligently do your homework and turn it in on time but consistently receive negative feedback and poor grades, this is demoralizing and makes it hard to continue trying. By using an online English teacher on Preply, you can get help on the difficult homework questions to diagnose why you are struggling with your grades.

Use online English Teachers on Preply!

To help solve the issues mentioned above of hating school, not understanding your teacher, spending too long on homework, receiving poor grades, and requiring extensive help, using online English teachers on Preply can be the saving grace. By changing and switching up the learning environment and teaching style, you can begin to grasp difficult concepts.

Browse through the thousands of English teachers and tutors on Preply to find one who works for you, ensuring you find the perfect fit to help motivate you to continue trying in English class.


Using online English teachers on Preply is a foolproof way to increase your motivation, confidence, and comprehension abilities in the classroom. By working with your schedule and finding a specialized tutor for your individual needs, you can help get unstuck from the learning rut.

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