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What sink to choose


Currently, the choice of sinks is amazing with its assortment, so it is often not easy to understand the differences between the models presented. And even more, to choose the one that fits perfectly into your bathroom and into the lifestyle of all family members.

In this review, we will tell you about the types of sinks, their pros and cons, so that you can make your choice as quickly and easily as possible.

Ceramic, stone or glass – what is better?

When it comes to finding a bathroom sink, the options can seem endless. There are three best materials for bathroom sinks. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Ceramic

Ceramic is the most common material for bathroom sinks. Such sinks are often made of earthenware, but there are also more expensive models made of porcelain.

The difference between them lies in the quality and the resulting structure.


– Hygiene;

– Easy to care for;

– Large selection of models of all shapes and sizes (it very trendy to choose commercial restroom sinks for a bathroom in an apartment or a house);

– Affordable cost – however, this only applies to faience variants.


– The fragility of even the best ceramics;

– The enamel can also become covered with cracks over time.

2. Stone and composite

Of course, you can order a luxurious sink made of natural stone (granite, marble or even opal). But they are far from the most common and affordable options.

Today, artificial stone sinks are much more popular. They can be of any shape and color to create a truly original design.


– A lot of colors and textures;

– The ability to create complex structures of any size, combining them with countertops and shelves;

– Strength and durability;

– Quite good maintainability.


– Not very hygienic due to the rough and porous surface;

– The cost of even an artificial stone is rather high, and a natural one is affordable for very few people.

3. Glass

Very spectacular sinks are made of thick colored or transparent glass, complementing them with the same countertops and shelves.

As a rule, such variants come in the form of a structure, ready for installation and connection, since each model requires its own method of fastening and special siphons of a suitable shape.


– Original appearance;

– A variety of sizes and shapes;

– 100% hygienic;

– High strength, since tempered glass is used in production;

– Resistant to most chemicals as well as scratches;

– Even if the shell breaks, you cannot cut yourself with the fragments.


– Streaks from dried water constantly appear on a transparent and glossy surface;

– High cost, although often lower than that of a stone.

There are also sinks made of metal (brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel or enameled steel) and even wooden sinks. But some of them are exclusive products, others are simply outdated, so we will not recommend them for purchase. But remember, you can feel free and choose any sink you like.