What to Do immediately After a Car Collision


A car crash can be disastrous for your life as it can result in many medical bills, expensive car repairs, and time off work. We spend a lot of time in our cars commuting to work, driving to holidays, and doing the school run, and so, unfortunately, car accidents are common. It’s incredibly upsetting being in a car collision as we work hard to save for cars that we can safely drive.

There’s a lot to consider weeks after a car crash, such as claiming on your insurance. But it’s also important to know what to do immediately after an accident. A car collision can change your day from commuting to work to dealing with a serious injury. So, we’ve come up with a list of things to do in an event of a car collision.

1.Stop and Turn Off Engine

You may be in a rush to get to your job but make sure you stop as soon as possible to check for any damages or injuries. If a large vehicle has hit you then it’s likely your car won’t be safe to drive. It’s difficult to know what to do after a truck accident, but always pull over and turn off your engine! Then turn on your hazard lights, so oncoming cars know you’ve stopped.

2. Check for Injuries

If you’re on a school run then you may have your children in your car, or you maybe car sharing with a co-worker. If this is the case then check on them immediately, as they may have been injured during the collision. Then check yourself for injuries, as you may not feel them due to the adrenaline in your body. Immediately call an ambulance if anyone is injured. 

3. Call the Police

You maybe in a rush to get to work to protect your career, but a car collision is serious, and you will need to call the police. If a car is blocking the road then you’ll need police to help direct traffic. In the meantime, don’t admit responsibility or apologize to the other driver as this might be used against you when you try to make a claim.

4. Exchange Details

Talk to the other driver and exchange your details. You must give your name and address to anyone involved. If you’ve hit a parked car you should leave a note with your details. Also, ask for their and the passengers’details. Also, ask for the other driver’s insurance details. If someone has left the scene then call the police immediately.

5. Insurance Claim

Now you can begin to think about money. Call your insurance and explain what has happened. You can then make a claim. You should still call your insurance company even if you don’t want to claim as the other driver might try to claim without telling you. Car repairs can be expensive so it’s sometimes worth making a claim.

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