What Types of Courses are Made Easier with Rangefinders?


You may have come across rangefinders in the past and wondered where one could use them. The challenge comes up in identifying the correct application, as these tools have different features.

amazing golf device you might be interested in is a launch monitor, and it’s very helpful especially if you want to play indoors realistically.

Before you can invest in one, you should understand the crucial features critical in various golf courses.

Types of Courses that Become Easy with Rangefinders

The place you are likely to use a traditional rangefinder would be in a golf course. While there are various rangefinders, most of these you come across are specifically for a golf game.

Rangefinders’ flag locking and speed measuring features help you identify specific locations and other critical issues such as the wind’s velocity on the course best rangefinder for golf.

These are metrics that are difficult to gauge, especially for a novice golfer. The benefit of using these tools include:

  • Accurate distance measurements – expect to get precise measurements of the distances to golf holes and terrain slopes. Plus, some rangefinders even give virtual images of the terrain and obstacles.
  • Portability – the traditional rangefinder is a portable tool that you can carry around. Plus, most high-end brands also have appealing structures.
  • Ease of use – you don’t need technical skills or training to use a rangefinder.
  • Helps reduce the learning curve – with a rangefinder, you get real-time information you can use to hone your golfing skills.

Best Boblov Rangefinder Review

Boblov ranks among some of the leading rangefinder brands on the market, best Boblov rangefinder review below,the brand has several rangefinder products with different features.

One of the standout products they have is the BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder.

Pin Acquisition

The rangefinder has a pin acquisition function that offers accurate measurements with a locking range of up to 190yards.

Plus, the feature gets backing from the unique Pinsensor technology. It’s a function that can track overlapping items on your terrain.

Battery Charged Using USB and Adequate Clarity

You can change the rangefinder conveniently using a USB port. Turning this unit off or on is also simple, thanks to the customized switch button.

For clarity, this unit offers accurate slope distance measurements that make it suitable for most golf courses. Furthermore, the 6x magnification helps you get closer to the subject.

High-Quality LCD and Customized Switch Button

The rangefinder features a reliable LCD which makes it easy to use, even in poorly lit conditions outdoors. It also provides information on various distance metrics to suit your golfing needs.

Switching on this unit or activating the vibration control is a simple process through the customized switch button.


  • Offers accurate measurements and flag tracking.
  • High-quality LCD offers easy access to relevant data.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • USB charged for convenience.


  • Challenging to keep stable for repeated readings.

Technology has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives, including sports. A rangefinder is a suitable addition to your golfing activities for various reasons.

You can use it to make measurements and improve your accuracy. The good thing is that these resources are easy to use and portable.

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