Over the past couple of years, the buzz around the Lake Travis waterfront property has seen a rush to purchase the homes. These coveted properties are very valuable and very beautiful with scenic views and plenty of recreational opportunities. The property would make its owner feel as though they were on a 24/7 vacation.

There is a wide range of recreational activities to enjoy from sailing, hiking, fishing, swimming, and any other fun activity you would want. Not to mention the views of the Texas hill country and the sunsets and sunrises that are made grander by the canyons. The winters are mild, and the summers long.

There is a wide variety of properties at the waterfront, visit the site to know some pointers you should know before you buy a Travis home for sale.


Proximity to Austin

Austin is the capital of Texas, making it a hotspot for the best resources and work opportunities. That is why it would be best to pick homes that are located downtown and anywhere close to the city. These may include choosing places such as Lakeway, Flaconhead, and the Hill of Lakeway. Access to good amenities in the form of health centers, shopping centers, and other professional or recreational facilities is an added advantage.


Neighborhoods in Lake Travis

You should look into deciding which of the many neighborhoods in the Lake Travis region you would like to move into. You could choose the south shore of Lake Travis because of its stunning views and the luxury it offers. It is also closest to Austin. The south region has better access to major services but the vacancy rates are lower due to high prices. The northern shore is further from Austin meaning longer commutes to the city but the prices are definitely lower and more affordable.

School ratings

A good education for your children is certainly very important. That is why choosing the right school district is crucial. The schools within different school districts will help your kids achieve their educational goals. Your considerations for school ratings can also depend on the artistic or athletic inclination of your kids. Therefore, you may look for the best schools in certain sports programs or arts programs.

 Your decision for where to stay will then be determined by the proximity and ease of access to the school. Some top school districts in the area include the Eanes Independent School District, Lake Travis Independent School District, and the NYOS Charter School.


Price and lifestyle considerations

The amount of money you are able and willing to spend will decide where you end up. There is a range of properties whose prices are dependent on their location along the waterfront area. This means that for a fairly low price, you can still get yourself a lovely property.

You also need to consider the kind of space you need. You don’t want to clutter up you and your family by buying a down-sized inadequate home. Also, you can consider whether you want a completely private property or do you want more communal access to recreational opportunities.

Buying a home in the Lake Travis region is a great investment not only for your present self but for the future. You get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery in the great outdoors while knowing that your property is also going to be valuable when and if you decide to give it up for sale in the future.