For a long time, sports betting was illegal in most US states. Sports wagering is now legal in the United States according to a US Supreme Court ruling in 2018. Due to this decision, offshore sportsbooks are booming, and players love to play on them. Trying your luck on other bets is also OK. These casinos also entice sports gamblers with their convenience and distinctive features.

Offshore sportsbooks may have piqued your interest. These are non-US-regulated betting websites, yet players from all over the world may use them to gamble on their favorite sports. They are run and controlled overseas, but it doesn’t stop anybody from using them.

Where to Find The Best Online Sportsbooks

Whether you are a newcomer or an amateur sports gambler, you may find it hard to find information regarding any sportsbook you come across. For this reason, Basketballinsiders, a reliable and trustworthy source of information, decided to compile a list of the 10 best online sportsbooks for US residents, covering everything you need to know about sports betting in the US, from where it’s legal to what types of bets you can place and reviews by top experts.

Advantages of Offshore sportsbooks

Wide selection of sports options

Offshore bookmakers are famous in the US due to their numerous advantages. Wouldn’t you like to win money without having to go out to a casino? They are popular because they allow you to win money from any place. Because you are not waiting in large lines, your odds of concentrating on higher chances are enhanced.


Sports betting is no longer dependent on local bookmakers. Today, gamblers may place wagers on sports from anywhere. You should not fear if you are not in a gambling state like Nevada or New Jersey. Offshore sportsbooks can improve your sports wagering experience wherever you are.

Offshore sportsbooks don’t care whether you live in a state where betting is outlawed. After the US gambling laws were implemented, most US players went offshore. So you can gamble from anywhere.


The growth of tech trends has made offshore bookmakers lucrative. Today, you may use mobile betting to bet on many games. Moreover, internet gambling is rapidly developing. You may now enjoy a wide range of sports betting options from the comfort of your own home.

It’s exciting to be able to cash out quickly after a victory. Offshore sportsbooks achieve this while simultaneously providing a great player experience. Agents may delay sports bettors at brick and mortar casinos. Sports gamblers in the US consider offshore sportsbooks entertaining and fun since sports picks are just a click away.

No Fees and Taxes

Top US betting shops pay huge taxes and fees to the government. But not for offshore sportsbooks. When you don’t have to pay for national leagues, your earnings skyrocket. With no federal taxes, this is a rewarding enterprise to pursue. As a result, offshore bookmakers are the ideal option for quick profits.

More Reasons why Offshore Sportsbooks are Popular in the US

Offshore sportsbooks have a huge influence on US gamblers. They feature a wide range of betting possibilities. You may also pick high-limit wagers for improved chances. This provides you the flexibility to make your own choice.

Fast Load Times and Great features

How would it feel to win quickly? There are no deposit, payment, or cash-out delays with offshore sportsbooks. With only a few clicks, you may join a betting joint in no time.

You’ll never be dissatisfied with its websites’ amazing features to boost your games. With these points in mind, you will bet regularly without any issues.

Nothing compares to the exhilaration of gaining money without waiting in a casino. Offshore bookmakers pride themselves on unparalleled safety, security, and convenience. Don’t worry if you place sports bets at work. You can accomplish this easily with offshore sportsbooks if you register with the finest ones.

24/7 Availability

Offshore sportsbooks are convenient for US players. If you want to gamble on sports late at night, you may do so. There is always more to keep you occupied and earn additional money.

Offshore sportsbooks are open 24/7, 365 days a year. So you don’t grow tired of doing new things.

Boredom is never a problem with top-notch sports wagering services. Offshore sportsbooks provide the most limitless excitement. They are preferred by US gamers since they are not restricted to sports betting.

More Bet Options are available

Do you enjoy comparing sports offers to create a top ten list? Imagine being able to pick sports bets whose losses may swiftly turn into profits. Offshore sportsbooks provide a wide range of bets to try your luck on. There are other non-sporting events and parlays.

Moreover, you are not confined to sports betting since there are other options. Offshore sportsbooks accept bets on financial markets and TV shows. As you can see, you can exhaust your betting strategies. This grows your bankroll while immersing yourself in a pleasant universe.

What Attracts Players to Offshore Sportsbooks?

Tight security measures

A few years ago, gamblers were wary of making wagers at offshore sportsbooks. Everyone thought their information was not protected and they would lose money. However, as technology evolved, this perspective altered. Reputable offshore bookmakers are 100% safe due to the newest security procedures.

Thus, sports gamblers may feel confident that their data is secure. SSL encryption protects your personal information. Payments may be made electronically, making offshore bookmakers more accessible.

Non-distracted betting

Tired of the distractions in traditional casinos? How do you feel about being scrutinized by strangers? You also don’t want annoying casino agents interrupting your game.

Not so for offshore bookmakers. Every player wishes to be composed while playing. Also, winning bets require peace of mind. Offshore bookmakers provide just this.

Outstanding cash bonuses

Unbeatable monetary bonuses boost your chances of winning. You can fast fatten your money account in offshore sportsbooks. Initial and reload deposits allow you to take advantage of exclusive perks. For example, a $500 initial deposit gets you a 100% bonus. A reload of $1,000 also equals an extra $1,000 prize.

It’s not always possible to obtain a sign-up bonus. So, this is one of the benefits of wagering on sports. Offshore bookmakers are popular in the US because of their lucrative offers.

Opportunity to Transact with Cryptocurrencies

If you want to avoid transaction delays while wagering on sports, check offshore bookmakers. Some of the perks include compatibility with cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin.

So you won’t be left out just because your digital money isn’t supported. Since the development of bitcoin, offshore sports have gained popularity among participants. Aside from its remote accessibility, you never can miss out on speedy offshore transactions.