7 Call Of Duty: Warzone Tips and Tricks For That First Win


If you are looking for the most popular games out there to try your hands in, then you should consider Call of Duty Warzone. This last person standing shooter game is popular among gamers for its appealing theme and graphics. The game brings you a completely unique experience and you need to learn Warzone tips to react faster to your victory. You can consider warzone aimbot while staying undetected. Apart from this, you can use amazing tips and tricks to improve your chances to secure your first win.

Since you have to put in the best efforts to win that first match, you should keep yourself trained with the best warzone tips and tricks. After all, your efforts and unique tricks will make your chances of winning the first match stronger. If you think that ordinary tips can help you, then you are mistaken. You might need to improve the skills that help you secure a win in the first Warzone match. Let’s have a look at some essential tips and tricks to keep yourself up with competition and win your play.

#1. Start Killing Your Enemies Before Landing

If you can beat your enemies before you even start playing, then why don’t you use this tip? You can win easily when you perform well at the moment you start. You should use your gun to shoot your enemies as early as you start. This tip will surely help you make a huge difference in your gameplay. You should use this trick before deploying your parachute. Kill your enemies when you are still in the air.

#2. Spot Your Enemies on the Map

You will surely purchase vital items that must include UAV, which displays you the map and help you detect your enemies. When you spot your enemies, it will become easier to kill them on the map. You can easily spot the enemies that come closer to you and kill them to stay alive till the end. But, keep in mind that nothing comes for free and you have to buy the tool.

#3. Ping to Communicate

It is crucial to stay connected with your teammates. You should use the ping option to communicate with your squad and mark your enemies with relative ease. You can easily inform your teammates about what’s around them. This way you can easily make your teammates aware of nearby enemies and kill them to play well.

#4. Share the Loot with Your Teammates

Sharing loot with your teammates is another winning tip here. Of course, it is a team play and you should not be mean when playing with your teammates. Share the resources with them and improve your chances of playing. Make sure you share all the tools with your teammates and you are good to go. You can improve your play easily. 

#5. Optimize the Use of Weapons

Try to fix your weapons according to anything you find around. You can optimize the use of your weapons and improve your chances of winning in an effortless way. By optimizing your weapons, you can aim at accuracy and save your life during the fight. This tip will make a difference. Do try it.

#6. Shield Yourself At All Times

In Warzone, shields are not your helmet or vest. You can use armor plates as a shield that you can fit under the uniform. You can apply up to 3 plates and increase your chances of staying safe. But you and your teammates individually can store up to 5 armor plates. This way you can share extra plates with your teammates whenever required.

#7. Shorten Time to Get to the Battlefield

You can reduce your time to get to the battlefield easily by deploying your parachute and you can land quickly. Always make sure to land first and save more time. In fact, you will definitely find better equipment if you land first. This will also save you from enemies.

Of course, everyone wants to play like a pro. However, not everybody is aware of how to start better. This is exactly where keeping certain tips and tricks in mind will help you. You can have a slice of fortune if you add the above-mentioned tips to your strategies. Warzone is a game to kill your enemies and run to win. Now, use this guide and get a chance to win that first Warzone match.  Do change your playing strategies a bit and be ready to play like a pro in Call of Duty Warzone.

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