Covid has added a pile of burdens and worrisome issues to our daily routines. Social distancing has become tougher and more challenging with each passing day. And the biggest trouble is for people who have old individuals in their house. You might have considered a retirement home for them before the pandemic hit but now you are grateful that you didn’t move them there. Well, you are not alone in the confusion as there is a lot going on around the world these days and everyone is worried for their old parents and grandparents.

But where you might be considering retirement homes an unsafe option during the pandemic; it actually isn’t. People are now opening up to this option more and more due to Covid as it is safer than their own homes. If you go out daily to work, you are not really sure what you are bringing back home. It is a messed up situation. However, amazing retirement homes like Sienna Living and many more, are putting in immense efforts, in bringing a safe environment for the eldery by enforcing SOPs and still managing to let them have a breather.

How are Retirement Homes working to keep the eldery safe?

It might be surprising for you that retirement homes are working day and night to bring amazing protection for the eldery people. Let’s see how.

  1. Safety:

Retirement homes are putting in a lot of effort to enforce safety protocols. The SOPs have been refined in retirement homes as Covid-19 keeps on growing and mutating into a stronger version. A lot of staff remains within the retirement homes and doctors who come from outside are monitored constantly. Moreover, a lot of studies show that an outbreak that happened during the first wave in adults, was not in retirement homes. It happened in care homes which follow a completely different set of rules.

  • Maintenance of Social Life:

Humans are social butterflies. And this is what has made it harder to stay at home and has also given rise to anxiety and depression. At retirement homes, as people are already away from their loved ones, it is made sure that their social life is not blocked completely. They have worked on formulating different ways to keep everyone at a 6ft or even more distance and let them connect. Physically distanced activities have also been created by retirement homes in open air, so that the eldery don’t feel completely isolated.

  • Moving in to the retirement home:

As people are finding it hard to manage their grandparent’s health at home, they are opting for retirement homes. However, to ensure that all the other people in the retirement home stay safe, any person who moves in, has to be isolated for 14 days. This might sound unfair and depressing but good and well-reputed retirement homes offer large suites with a lot of activities and amenities to keep the person indulged and not feel alone.

Important questions to ask:

Before moving your parents into retirement homes, you must ask the following queries:

  • What practices and measures do you follow to keep everyone safe?
  • What rules are practiced if their loved ones have to meet?
  • How do you maintain community social life?
  • Has there been a Covid patient in your community and if yes, how did you handle it?

Asking some queries is crucial so that you feel relaxed while leaving your parents in retirement homes in the midst of a pandemic. Make sure that you pick a well-reputed retirement home.