Just started a new business and need to choose an order fulfillment service? Here’s some expert advice.

Knowing what to look for to choose the best for your business is part of what makes being a boss so difficult. There is a lot of reading to be done across a lot of different areas of running your business. One of these areas is in order fulfillment.

Order fulfillment services ensure that your goods are picked and shipped from the warehouse accurately, on time, and undamaged. If you choose the wrong company, you could see yourself being landed with extra work.

Avoid this my taking our advice and seeking out a good service using these tips.                                        

How to Choose a Great Order Fulfillment Service Near You

It isn’t just a case of searching the internet until you find something that is nearby. Finding the best people to take care of your goods goes beyond mere location. Here are some of the other things you should consider before you agree to hire someone.


When it comes to any aspect of business, paying a little more for a service with a great reputation is much safer than taking a chance on a budget provider. Third-party logistics are difficult for those that don’t know what they are doing. Look at reputation as a key indicator of how satisfied their customer base is before you hire them.

Knowledge and Experience

Similarly, a company that has been operating third party logistics for many years is better than those which have only just started out. As they say, the difference between an expert and a beginner is that the expert has failed more times than the beginner has tried. Visit Red Stag for more information about third-party warehousing and order fulfillment from a firm with serious experience.

Success Rates

How often does your chosen firm produce high quality goods, delivered on time, without damage? Do they have any track records they can show you? Being the best in order fulfillment means being able to back up your claims about producing effective orderfulfillment, every time. There should be analytical data available, or a software system that logs it so you can track it remotely, to ensure good quality standards of service.

Volume of Package Handling

If you are a multinational conglomerate with warehouses in every region of the US, you don’t want to be choosing a third-party order fulfillment firm with one small warehouse to their name. Check what capacity your potential company has for completing your orders in the manner they say they will. Do they have the right number of employees? Are they fast enough? What it you experienced a sales boom through a viral ad… could they handle it?


What is your budget and what is the price of the service offered? This is where most people start off, but it is worth mentioning. Look for hidden fees and extra costs and be sure that the price model you have been given suits you. Ask about how long these prices will be in place for so you can plan forward.


How fast are they? Can they fulfill your orders in the time that you give them? Will they be able to keep up with a volume of orders at that pace, forever after? If your website delivery time doesn’t match that which is true and relevant of your order fulfillment firm, you may well be left without customers.

The Overview on Choosing Order Fulfillment Firms

Choose an order fulfillment service that can both keep up with you and stay ahead of you, should the need arise. Look for skills, knowledge, experience, affordability, and speed, and you will come out on top.