Everyone has a favorite piece of clothing. Hijabs are a form of clothing that many Muslim women worldwide wear to express their identity. In the Qur'an, the term Hijab refers to the partition or the curtain that...

Update your look in 2021 with these glasses frames

Everybody wants to see clearly. But more importantly, everybody wants to look good. What if we tell you that both of these things can be achieved with just one accessory - Glasses? Yes, given the unique...

Brand designer sunglasses from Armani, Calvin Klein, Carrera, Donna Karen, Versace, Fendi, Chanel

Fashion is more than using the hottest clothing. It's how you equip, if you are looking for designer sunglasses but are unsure which name is best for you, pick from the top designer names like Armani,...

End Up Being The Best Fashion Designer

You know you're predestined to be a fashion designer if you: a) invested most of your youth making clothes for your Barbie dolls rather of playing with your pals; b) check out style publications rather of...

Are Varsity Jackets Still In Style?

Yes, varsity jackets are still in style. Varsity jackets have been with us for a while now. Since their introduction in 1865, these jackets have never gone out of fashion. Interestingly, varsity jackets have not only survived all...

Hip Inverted Bob Hairstyles for Women

Inverted bob hairstyles are some of the trendiest haircuts this year. Here are some variations you should consider. Must-Try Inverted Bob Hairstyles In 2020 Most likely, you have come across various types of bobs. But have you ever wondered...
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