In a world where women’s safety is often compromised, Cameroonian women are taking matters into their own hands by utilizing taxi apps as a means of protection. With the rise of technology and innovation, these women have found an unlikely ally in their smartphones and are now able to navigate the streets with confidence. Join us as we delve into how this simple yet effective solution has given power back to Cameroonian women and changed the way they approach everyday activities.

Introduction to Cameroonian Taxi Apps

Cameroonian women are using taxi apps to stay safe. With these apps, they can book a taxi and pay for it without having to leave their homes or workplaces. This is a great way for them to get around without having to worry about their safety.

History of Women’s Safety in Cameroon

Cameroonian women have long faced discrimination and violence both in their homes and in their communities. In recent years, the government has taken steps to address these issues, but progress has been slow. In response, Cameroonian women are increasingly turning to taxi apps as a way to stay safe.

Taxi apps offer users the ability to request a ride from a qualified driver without having to hail a cab or negotiate prices. This is especially helpful for women who may not feel safe walking alone at night or dealing with unfamiliar drivers. Additionally, many taxi apps allow users to pay via credit card, which can be helpful if you don’t have cash on hand.

While taxi apps are not a perfect solution to the problem of violence against women in Cameroon, they are providing much-needed relief for many women who otherwise would not feel safe using public transportation.

How Taxi Apps Are Improving Safety for Women

Cameroonian women are using taxi apps to stay safe by improving safety for women. Taxi apps are becoming increasingly popular in Cameroon, as they offer a convenient and affordable way to get around. However, safety is still a major concern for women, as sexual assault and harassment are all too common.

Taxi apps are helping to change this by providing a safe and reliable way for women to get around. The apps allow users to request a ride, track the driver’s location, and pay for the ride all through the app. This means that women can take control of their own safety by knowing who their driver is and being able to track their location.

In addition, many taxi apps now have features that allow users to rate their drivers. This provides an additional level of accountability and helps to ensure that only the best drivers are on the road.

By using taxi apps, Cameroonian women are taking control of their safety and making sure that they can get around without fear.

Challenges Faced by Women Using Taxi Apps

Cameroonian women are using taxi apps to stay safe, but there are still many challenges that they face. For one, it can be difficult to find a taxi app that is available in their area. Additionally, even when they do find an available app, the cost of using it can be prohibitively expensive. Finally, many women are not comfortable using their real names and phone numbers when ordering a taxi, for fear of being targeted by criminals.

Best Practices for Using Taxi Apps Safely

When using a taxi app, it is important to take some precautions to ensure your safety. Here are some best practices for using taxi apps safely:

  • Only use reputable taxi apps that have been vetted by trusted sources.
  • Make sure the driver is licensed and insured.
  • Share your ride details with a friend or family member.
  • Pay attention to the driver’s ratings and reviews.
  • Trust your instincts – if you feel unsafe, cancel the ride and find another one.

Interviews with Female Users

When it comes to safety, Cameroonian women are using taxi apps to their advantage. In a country where sexual violence is all too common, these apps provide a much-needed service for women who need to get around town.

We spoke with several female users of different taxi apps to find out how they’re using them to stay safe. Here’s what they had to say:

“I only use taxis that have the app installed on their phone. That way, I can see their picture and license plate number before getting in the car. I also make sure to share my location with a friend or family member.” -Nadia, 25

“I always try to take a photo of the driver and the car before getting in. That way, if anything happens, I have some evidence.” -Sandra, 30

“I only use cashless payment options on the app. That way, if the driver tries anything, I can just cancel the payment and get out of there.” -Marie, 28

“I always make sure to sit in the backseat so I can exit quickly if needed. And I keep my phone charged and within reach in case I need to call for help.” -Annie, 33


It is clear that taxi apps have become a vital tool for Cameroonian women to stay safe while travelling. By using these services, they can book rides with verified drivers and avoid the potential risks associated with street hailing. As well as providing safety, these apps also offer convenience and affordability, making them an attractive option for those looking to get around in comfort. In the future, even more people are likely to turn to mobile app-based transportation solutions as technology advances and risk awareness increases.