Coming from|By|Via} tea parties to fresh-faced selfies, it’s no {key|magic formula|top secret} that Tamera Mowry-Housley is {enthusiastic about|captivated with} her daughter – to the point that she recently admitted to praying that Ariah {appeared|seemed|viewed} like her before {the girl was|the lady was|your woman was} born.

On a recent segment of {day time|day|regular}

talk show The {True|Normal|Specific}, which Mowry-Housely co-hosts, {the girl|the lady|your woman} opened up about {seeking|needing|looking} her daughter {to become a|as a|to become} tiny version of her. “I wanted Ariah {to actually|to truly|to essentially} look like me, ” {the girl|the lady|your woman} said. “Like, everything, everything. I think she has my {skin tone|pores and skin} and my eye color. ” Co-host Adrienne Bailon added, “You prayed for that! {We|I actually|My spouse and i} recall! She was like, ‘Lord, let her be brown. Let her have black hair. ‘”

{Whilst|Although|When} {some individuals|a lot of people} thought Mowry-Housley’s {emotions|statements|comments} toward her daughter were sweet, others thought it was disrespectful to say because her husband is white and doesn’t have those physical features.

Entertainment and media company the Shade Room posted {an image|a photography} on Instagram of Mowry-Housley and her daughter with a headline that read, “Tamera Mowry-Housley Opens Up About Praying {On her|On her behalf} Bi-Racial Daughter To Have {Dark brown|Brown leafy} Skin & Black Hair” and a caption repeating Mowry-Housley’s statements.

A few comments that followed were:

“Aww she wanted a ‘mini me, ‘ {which|that is|gowns} sweet and understandable. {inch|inches|very well}

“Nothing wrong with that, every parent wants their child to look like them, don’t bring {competition|contest} into this. ”

“You cannot pray for your child to {seem like|appear to be|appear like} you pray that {your son or daughter is|your kid is|your kids is} healthy with no associated with any problems don’t {be concerned|get worried|be anxious} about her skin {firmness|shade|build} or hair. “