When deciding how to determine your baby’s father, you can choose to do the procedure at home or at a doctor’s office. Depending on the specific situation, you can decide to do the procedure from the comfort of your home if you just need peace of mind. However, if you need to determine the results to be used for legal purposes, going to a doctor’s office or sample collection office is the best choice for determining parental rights.

Paternity test cost at home vs. in person

For those who want to pay for an at-home test, the paternity test cost is usually between $130 and $200, depending on the company you choose and the shipping speed. For a doctor’s appointment, the paternity test cost will usually be between $300 and $500. For this procedure, you again have the benefits of having legal results that are court-admissible for child custody cases, child support changes, and immigration debates.

For women who want a non-invasive prenatal test, the paternity test cost will be much more expensive. Since the test requires a medical professional and specific equipment, the paternity test cost usually ranges between $1,500 and $2,000, learn more about paternity tests.

Although the prenatal test is more expensive than the other options in terms of the overall paternity test cost, this can be the best option for some soon-to-be mothers who need to fight for legal custody of their unborn child or obtain child support to help their growing family. 

Is a home paternity test as accurate as one in-person?

When figuring out if a home paternity test is just as accurate as one at a  doctor’s office or specific sample collecting center, individuals will be pleased to find that the short answer is yes. Although the details of collection differ and the outcomes, the basic principles remain the same.

When the doctor orders a paternity test, samples are collected in the same way that you would perform the procedure yourself from the comfort of your own home. The easiest way to carry out a paternity test today is a cheek swab. Although some doctor’s offices may still decide to do a blood sample for the most accurate results, a cheek swab is just as effective.

Since DNA for one person is the same in every cell, obtaining a blood sample is oftentimes no more accurate than using the painless cheek swab for mouth cells. In this case, the quality of the cheek swab in an at-home kit is just as accurate as one at a doctor’s office – if all the steps are performed correctly and in order.


When comparing the prices of a paternity test cost for an at-home test vs. an in-person test, the benefits of both can sway your decision. If you choose to do the test at home, you can save money and still get accurate results. However, suppose you decide to. In that case, do the test at a doctor’s office, you can benefit from nearly 100% accuracy, court-admissible results, and legal test results that can help determine child custody payments and immigration status.