Dabs are concentrated cannabis doses made by removing THC and additional cannabinoids utilizing a solvent such as carbon dioxide or butane, which results in sticky oils. Depending upon their consistency, the marijuana concentrates also are commonly called butane hash oil (BHO), budder, shatter, and wax. Marijuana wax and additional dabs typically are heated on a warm surface, typically a nail then inhaled via a dab rig. Smoking dabs as a consumption method has been in existence for at least 10 years, yet the dawn of more advanced removal methods led to a slew of cannabis concentrates which have increased dabbing’s popularity.

Differences Between Dab Rigs vs. E-rigs

A multitude of wax lovers choose glass rigs mostly because of how customizable they are, as well as the truth that they have an amazing appearance. They’re completely designed of glass and since it may be shaped in any type of way, they’re available in several eye-appealing designs.

Electric Rigs

Vaping’s popularity has tremendously escalated in the last couple of years, birthing some unusual technologies such as electric rigs. They’re small devices that have a heating coil that is embedded inside which produces vapor by heating up cannabis-derived concentrates. There is a gauge on the rig which may be utilized to regulate the temperature in order to manipulate vapors.

They’ll work by filling the heating element using a “dab.” Once it gets warm enough, it’ll turn to vapor. There isn’t any need for a torch since all of the heating process is electric and performed inside the rig.

3 Choices of Dab Rigs for Cannabis Users

These three stores offer dab rigs for cannabis users:

MJ Arsenal for Cannabis Users

MJ Arsenal is a consumer-focused business which builds its principles on the pillars of functionality, affordability, and innovation. They’re based in Denver, CO and pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of what’s expected in a given functionality/product. They’ve taken several measures to safeguard their original product line with a variety of patents and trademarks to ensure a recognizable and fortified brand. 

Smoke Cartel Online Headshop

Smoke Cartel has a wide variety of glass dab rigs. They offer instant returns and free shipping. Users can make the most of their shatter, budder, and honey with a specialized dab rig.  The water pipes are made to diffuse heat, not offer intense filtration, to provide dabbers a simple pull and maximize the favor of the concentrates.

420 Science Online Headshop

Their dab rigs are hand-picked. They offer both high-end glass dab pipes and affordable oil rigs for enthusiasts and collectors.  They test their dab rigs to ensure that they perform well and are designed with care.

There are three qualities to watch for in a dab rig: durability, filtration, and size. Smaller rigs are notorious for providing more flavor, whereby bigger rigs are well-known for larger hits. Some rigs may be utilized without water; however, you never should purchase a dry rig. Durability is also important, as a rig may be the most eye-appealing item you have ever laid eyes on, yet if it breaks in two weeks, you will never see it again. So, pick yours wisely!