The number of workers hired by temporary staffingagencies has doubled in previous 25 years. In 1990 the estimated number of temporary workers was 1.1 million and in 2014 it was reported to be 2.8 millions. Ideally temporary staffing agencies help employers to hire workers with variety of skills for short period of time at low cost and increased flexibility. However for workers it provides chances of growth and experience.

Besides providing a lot of advantages to employers and recruitment agencies, it staffing temporary staffing can be proved very helpful for the people who are searching for job desperately. Here are some points which will help you understand that how temporary employment is helping jobless people worldwide.

Stepping stone for People:

The prevailing and dominant view in society about temporary employment is that it is cause of strain and people think that it hampers optimal functioning. The most dominant reason behind this view point is that temporary job does not provide job security as permanent job does.

Whatever the talk of town is, one thing is very certain that temporary employment is the best way for people to unleash their working potential and skills. It is source of growth for jobless workers. For those people who are waiting for right job to maintain their living, temporary staffing acts as stepping stone. Starting career from this will help people gain experience for their permanent job. Moreover if the temporary workers is very motivated and passionate about his work, he is likely to manifest his extraordinary skills at workplace, and employers can hire him permanently.

In this way temporary staffing help people find better job opportunities. Stepping into market should be purpose and by embracing these kinds of job opportunities people can step in market and then flow can take them to some better place. Besides helping jobless people temporary staffing helps employers to find new talent and studies have shown that managers at work place are most of the time more satisfied by the work of temporary staff than that of permanent staff.

Finding Interests:

Before getting permanent job and before having any job experience, people are not aware of their interests. People think of various job positions and various employment companies as their destination and their ideal workplace. But when they are hired at the same place, they find difficulties to adjust at the place.

Under such circumstances, temporary job becomes best way for job seekers to hop from place to place and locate their dream workplace.

Employability alternative of job security:

Yes job security is very important for leading a good and well settled life but it is not the only way to develop a career which will give you mental satisfaction and peace. The main purpose should be to get job whether it is permanent or temporary. There are plenty of examples of companies where you can apply as volunteer for temporary employment and they prove as best working places for people.

Temporary employment is the best way to reduce the strain of those people who are not getting job, because what they want is employability and by getting employed they feel a kind of satisfaction. As I have defined earlier temporary employers have option to job hope to find best working place and add new experience to their CV which permanent employees cannot do.


Temporary staffing provides flexibility for workers and workers can choose part time job option. Also temporary employees are provided with insurance and various other allowances. Temporary workers have the option to leave job if it does not fit. In some cases contracts are signed between staffing agencies and workers but in other case temporary workers are given choice to leave the work.

Moreover if workers are affiliated with a staffing company and they find other company as more suitable for them they can go for other staffing agencies after ending of contract.

Temporary employment also provides flexibility for employers in choosing their staff. The choosing of permanent staff is a long hectic task, on the other hand temporary staff hiring is less critical process and it allow company to get good number of workers for a project work. If permanent employees work well they may get chance of permanent hiring by company.