Accidents at work don’t merely ruin careers, but they also devastate families and destroy lives. It is not difficult to comprehend why health and safety at workplaces are a considerable concern for Australian workplaces.

Many organisations across the country have hired risk assessors, work health safety officers, and trained safety representatives to help their staff avoid possible injuries. These mishaps include high-risk accidents and faulty equipment that may endanger their lives.

After all, research shows more than 110,000 injuries and diseases at Australian workplaces in 2020 alone! As a result, the demand for work health and safety representatives and officers in Australia is thriving. By 2024, up to 30,100 job vacancies are projected to open up.

That explains why many Australians are now considering pursuing a career by formalizing their work health and safety experience through training courses.

Many of these health and safety training courses are accredited on a national scale, and only seasoned trainers can offer these programs. This has made safety assessors and trainers extremely imperative.

Without them, the demand for health and safety representatives and officers at the workplace is hard to meet.

Why Pursue A Career As A Work Health And Safety Office?

More than ever, the work health and safety profession is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people want to enter this field to enjoy a satisfying and long career.

They are also considering the area because of the contentment element – to make sure that all the staff and employees get home well and safe, which is undoubtedly a well-rewarding job.

With the pressure that is escalating on organizations to establish and maintain high safety and health standards, the door for health and safety professionals is open around the country.

This can also help you make a real impact and difference in the workplace. Plus, you enjoy a rewarding profession at the same time.

When it comes to career options, it can be an intimidating prospect to enter a field you are not entirely familiar with. There are various potential opportunities out there, so it is essential to do your research.

Here are some reasons why pursuing a career as a work health and safety officer can benefit you.

Significant Job That Safeguards Employee Rights

Health and safety officers ensure that the workplaces are secure for employees. Furthermore, they make sure that the management abides by the law – conduct frequent inspections, investigate accidents, provide adequate training to their employees, and levy fines when a company is not up to code.

Professionals in this title role also look upon workplace security by doing assessments and providing recommendations to enhance the staff’s working conditions. This career delivers a direct, precise, and meaningful way to increase the living standards of the people in your community.

The work is impactful, imperative, and challenging.

Multiple Training Programs And Courses

If you are passionate and protective about employees’ well-being in the workplace but don’t wish to spend an extended post-secondary training period. In that case, this career path is a perfect option.

Many educational institutes in Australia offer multiple work health and safety training programs, diplomas of work health and safety, etc., that take less than a year to complete.

An all-inclusive diploma program will include training and education in the following capacities:

·         How to determine staff health and safety perils in a range of different work settings

·         How to conduct an audit for health and safety

·         Employee rights

·         How to manage and prevent workplace violence and harassment

·         Best practices in hygiene, ergonomics, and worker health and safety

·         How to develop a sound safety plan and deliver training

·         Evacuation and emergency procedures

·         Applicable legislation for health and safety

·         How to identify and cope with environmental hazards

Flexibility To Earn Your Diploma Of Work Health And Safety Online

Many educational institutions out there offer training and diplomas in work health and safety online. This, in turn, gives you greater flexibility without compromising on the assistance of your instructor. This career path is an optimal opportunity for people who have geographical constraints or don’t have enough time to attend in-person sessions.

Worker health and safety training programs allow you to study virtually or blend virtual learning with the random on-campus classes. Either way, you have complete access to the resources that the campus provides.

 Variety Of Work Possibilities And Competitive Salaries

Worker health and safety representatives and officers work for various organizations, for both the public and private sectors. And of course, they scrutinize a wide range of different workplaces, including:

·         Hospitals

·         Hotels

·         Factories

·         Restaurants

·         Schools

·         Municipal water systems

·         Public facilities

There is a bit of variety in this field of work, as health and safety concerns vary contingent on the institution or establishment under review.  Competitive salaries are yet another definite incentive to pursue a career as a work health and safety officer.

How To Become A Work Health And Safety Officer In Australia?

Work health and safety officers involve themselves with places and people to establish and enforce necessary safety procedures and practices to protect people at the workplace. You get to develop programs, policies, and implement those plans.

The primary aim is to reduce the perils employees face while performing their duty and raise awareness about hazards. This means you are the one who safeguards and upholds the rights of workplace members.

However, your job doesn’t end there because it is also imperative to consider and protect the public’s employees.

Perhaps they enter the facility you are accountable for – you supervise staff training, educate people on safety measures, and ensure that they leverage ergonomics. If any employee has sustained injuries, you can help them to return to normalcy and work.

If you are profoundly making a difference pursuing a career in this field, don’t fret and check the steps mentioned below to become a work health and safety officer.

Step One: Search For A Government Approved Training Program or Course

In order to become a work health and safety (WHS) officer in Australia, it is imperative to search for a government accredited program. Your course will train you for everything you need to know about workplace health and safety standards.

There are many different courses offered across the country that can give you better exposure to the field and work that companies demand from representatives. And these courses are the best opportunity for you to learn and explore potential job opportunities.

Step Two: Apply For The Appropriate Job

Once you have obtained the essential qualifications, you can start to hunt for similar work and jobs. At the moment, there is a mounting demand in the sector of work health and safety, so it is the perfect opportunity to find your way into the health and safety industry.

Remember, when you apply for vacancies, make sure you personalize your cover letter and resume for each application.

Step Three: Gain Valuable Experience

Once you get accepted for your first job, it is imperative to leverage that time meaningfully and gain valuable experience.

Your job and any experience that you attain over time are significant for future progress and a successful career. As you learn, work, and grow, you can begin to contemplate your career advancement.

Step Four: Consider An Area For Specialization

The work health and safety field has room for specialization and ample opportunities. You can pursue both the general disciplines as well as consider specializing within a specific area.

Hazardous Materials Or Dangerous Products Safety Officer

Companies use dangerous goods and hazardous materials across various industries in Australia. But how they deal with those harmful constituents is of vital importance. Members and workers of the public are at a higher risk of exposure, especially when they have unregulated procedures in place.

Here, you will oversee, track, and review how they handle the hazardous materials to make sure they comply with safety standards. You need to communicate and enquire about the production, transport, and disposal. In short, at any point when an organization indulges in the handling of hazardous materials, you have a prominent role to play.

Occupational Hygienist/ Industrial Hygienist

Working with biological and chemical substances presents a risk to the involved parties working with or coming into direct contact with those things.

You will leverage your scientific equipment and chemistry knowledge to inspect and investigate it. Then, you introduce and monitor safe and secure handling practices of the harmful chemical substances.

Occupational Health And Safety Instructor

Irrespective of the role or job you take on as a work health and safety officer, you will have to go through the training phase. Once you have the relevant and required experience, you can progress ahead in your career.

You can specialize in training employees and management. In this role, you become an educator who visits different workplaces and trains the staff, raising awareness and educating people about risks, hazards, and protection at work.

Wrapping Up

Determination, self-regulation, and resilience are the most potent aspects that make a dedicated work health and safety officer. And educators can help you get abundant knowledge and practical implications of what you learn while ensuring relevance.

Furthermore, they can better facilitate and address your questions about the technicalities and details associated with a work health and safety officer position. Educational institutions like MCI provide full-fledged courses and diplomas to help you start your journey smoothly.

With MCI, learners enrol in diploma courses designed with various approaches to accommodate them with what works best for them while simultaneously focusing on their personal development.

MCI simplifies the learning phase and provides an extraordinary experience to trainers and students alike.

If you want to pursue your career in this field and do a diploma of work health and safety online or in-person in Australia, MCI can be an excellent avenue for your learning, development, and a worthwhile career. Sign up today!