Are you planning to develop a crypto trading app? Well, you need a lot of research and planning for this. Especially if you are going to work on a startup that is barely regulated by any national laws.

Moreover, you will be investing a huge amount on the project. Therefore you need to pay attention to every aspect of the development of the app. In this article, I will share five easy steps that will help you to create your crypto trading app.

Develop Your Crypto Trading Android App

Developing a normal android app is simple, but it requires a lot of research and hard work to develop a crypto trading app. By following the below steps, you can build a powerful and high-standard crypto trading android app.

  1. Research
  2. Planning
  3. Technology Stack
  4. Team
  5. Development

As you know, research and discovery is the first step of any project; here also, you will have to start with research.


Start your project with proper market research and identify the needs of the users. Interview people and analyze the competitors so that you can understand what you need to focus on.

Ask the users about the experience and review of the existing apps which they are using. Try to figure out what are the features they want from an ideal crypto trading app. While you are doing the research, focus on the following factors.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the competitors?
  • Which features are you going to include in your app?
  • Are you really resolving problems of the users or providing a better service than the existing apps?

Once you get an answer to these questions, then you can start planning.


After the market research, use the data you have gathered to prepare a plan for your project. Clearly specify what functionalities, tools, and features you are going to include in the app. For example, you can include the following features

  • Digital Wallet
  • Transaction support
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • Account Management System
  • Real-time Rate Charts
  • Price Alerts
  • Indicators
  • Transaction history
  • Bank, Credit Card, and Debit Card Support

While planning, you need to take care of every other factor, such as legal regulations, your earnings, license, etc. Make a detailed outline of your plan and divide them into actionable steps. Next, you need to select technologies and software you need to develop the app.

Technology Stack

For developing the app, you need Java or Node Js for the back end development. If you want to provide a trading solution only for bitcoin, then you can create the app using BitcionJ SDK. The only concern is you can’t create its iOS version with the technology.

 For back end development, you need Angular or React. You can also use React Native to save time and cost.

Additionally, if you want to provide an exchange of fiat currencies, then you have to integrate a payment service provider in your app.


Once you are ready with your technological requirement and planning, then you will need a group professional who will develop the app.

  • Back-end Developer (Java or Node Js)
  • Front-end Developer (Angular or React)
  • QA Engineer
  • Android Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Project Manager

You can directly hire these professionals or hire freelancers for your project. In case you need technical or professional help, you can also seek help from companies who have prior experience. Visit Blockchain Design of profit secret where you can find some crypto professionals.


Once you are ready with the technology or software, product development team, and plan, you can develop your app. It will take you around five to six months to develop your app. You need to invest more than $50,000 for developing a crypto trading app with full service.


For creating a powerful and bug-free crypto trading app, you need to engage experts who have good understanding and experience in their domain. Hopefully, the article has helped you to understand how to develop a crypto android app. Now please share your thoughts and ask your queries in the comments section.