Having skills in database development is vital for your career growth as these skills are among the most sought-after in this industry. The Database isn’t an ordinary IT domain — it’s a collection of files and data that are methodically organized for easier access among individuals in a company. And if you intend to acquire basic skills on the Database using the SQL Server, you need to pass the Microsoft certification exam 98-364. This is a test you have to choose from among twelve options to gain the credential. Each of the tests leads to the MTA certification.

Here in this article, you’ll learn how to master the art of the Microsoft 98-364 exam preparation. But before that, how about we look at the exam details and the skills measured?

Important Details about the Exam

98-364 test consists of 40-60 questions in different formats. Expect to come across the following question types: active screen, build list, multiple-choice, hot area, case study, drag-and-drop, best answer, and fill-in-the-blank. You’ll have 45 minutes to complete the test and you must get 700 marks out of 1000 to pass. Also, don’t forget about the $127 registration fee.

The exam tests your capability to complete various tasks in several domains that include the following:

  • Understand core database ideas,
  • Creating database objects,
  • Manipulating data,
  • Understanding data storage,
  • Administrating database.

5 Tips to Improve Your 98-364 Exam Preparation

To earn this MTA certification, you must sit for 98-364 exam. Never think that since you’ve been working in the field of IT, you can easily pass this test. Succeeding in this field requires thorough preparation for the exam. That’s why you need to understand how to do it successfully. Here we’ll share with you some tips to help you get ready for this Microsoft test:

  1. Make sure this test is exactly what you need

The database is an exciting field to pursue. If you intend to strengthen your skills in this domain, then passing 98-364 exam is the right move. The test is meant for IT specialists who are familiar with the concepts for the database. Even if you lack this field’s proper experience, this exam will help you. You only need to study well using the guidance obtained from the Microsoft official website and other exam prep sites like

  • Understand the exam objectives

The exam objectives are outlined to offer you an information of what the test is about. For 98-364 exam, the objectives revolve around database domains and tasks listed here:

  • Core concepts for database: In this domain, you need to study the key database topics thoroughly. It covers how data is stored in tables and the way the database works. Besides that, you also need to study other vital themes such as DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DDL (Data Definition Language).
  • Data storage: This domain features things like normalizations and various keys like primary, foreign, and composite. You’ll also need to add non-clustered and clustered indexes to your learning.
  • Manipulate data: The test offers the best approach to acquire knowledge for manipulating data. Manipulation of data stored in a business database entails extraction, upgrading, storing, and removal.
  • Database administration: The tests strengthen your capabilities to administer a database. But you can’t complete these tasks if you don’t know anything about database security, backup types, and restoration procedure. This domain covers a small portion of the exam, but don’t take it for granted. Spend enough time to understand every sub-topic.
  • Database objects: Here, you’ll understand and learn how to utilize database objects. Functions like creating tables, opinions, and retained features are described in this domain. You’ll also understand how to utilize ANSI SQL as well as T-SQL syntax. Ensure you allocate enough time during preparation to collect the essential details related to database objects.
  • Maximize the resources for every exam topic

Fortunately, every exam objective comes with resourceful preparation materials offered by Microsoft. Visit the page of 98-364 exam on the official website, and you’ll come across numerous resources you can utilize for your preparation. These resources are curated explicitly for every topic such that you’ll comprehend everything about the database.

  • Attend the instructor-led training

Microsoft offers more significance to practical learning. That’s why they offer instructor-led training for exam takers. This course provides youwith an effective solution to your exam prep challenges. It also helps you determine effective ways to collect necessary ideas. The Course 40364A is a 3-day training that helps you in preparing for the exam and in understanding its objectives.

  • Use practice tests for preparation

Practice tests are preparation materials that play a vital role in testing your competency levels and readiness for the exam. They will assist you to practice in an actual test environment, track and also improve your results. With the help of the VCE Exam Simulator, these trial tests will allow you to understand the types of questions to expect, how to tackle them, and how does the real exam looks like. offers you valid and updated Microsoft 98-364 practice questions and answers. You have an opportunity to practice for your exam with free mock tests available in the VCE file format. Such files are valid and updated. Also, you can boost your study with a premium expert-verified vce file which costs $29,99.


Once you pass the Microsoft 98-364 test, you’ll earn an MTA credential. Getting this foundational certification gives you a chance to pursue high-level badges to enhance your solid knowledge, get relevant skills, and advance your career. Therefore, if you intend to become a valuable asset to your company, make sure you pass this exam. Devote your time and efforts towards the exam prep and use practice tests from a reliable source to pass the needed exam and get a certification that makes you stand out.