Improving your competitiveness through passing the AWS certification exam is the purpose of most people who want to get the AWS certification. The average annual salary for the certified employees is USD 125,871. In the area of the cloud computing, AWS is the top definitely. In the early days, the AWS was the reference to the Alibaba Cloud Computing, and many services of the Alibaba Cloud Computingwere done with the reference of the AWS. However, Alibaba Cloud Computing has also made innovations in the domestic market, for example, itsWeb Application Firewall, which takes the lead position among other major manufacturers of the cloud computing. AWS followed its pace todevelop aanalogous product.Now many companies or departmentsrequire employeesto take the certificate exam. More and more traditional organizations and enterprises are using the public cloud. According to the data statistics, there are nearly 60% of the domestic websites running on the Alibaba Cloud Computing at present. As they usethe cloud computing, IT professionals in these enterprises need to master the knowledge and skills of the cloud computing.

And taking an examination of the corresponding certification may become the requirements of enterprises and departments to some employees of the company. In addition, cloud computing is a big market, and they all have a lot of partners besides the major cloud computing vendors. AWS is no exception. To become an AWS partner, there is a requirement for the number of people within the company who are certified. This has prompted these partners to require employees to verify their skill learning through the certification. I take the certification for this reason. It has been nearly 5 years since Ilearned the AWS in 2012. I was certified as the AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate Level in 2013. It also got the AWSDeveloper Certification. I am struggling on passing the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam. In fact, no matter what the purpose of getting the certification is, I would like to say that one should learn AWS with the purpose of mastering the use of AWS services.

The certification is just a test of one’s own knowledge. One of my colleagues, who became the AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional Level, comparedthe AWS certification with a box of lunch that a mountain climber carries with him to enjoy when he reaches the top.And what he got was definitely not just the lunch box, but the scenery along the way. The lunch was just a gift. If you just want to spend the minimum effort to pass the certification, it often will be less effective. For example, if you want to get certified as the AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional Level, you must first get certified as the AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate Level. While to get the DevOps Engineer Certification, you need to get at least one of the Developer Certification or Sysops Administrator Certifications. Each certificate has a validity period of two years. It can be re-certified after the expiration. The re-certification fee and questions volume are halved. Because cloud computing is still in the stage of the rapid development, AWS will launch many new cloud services every year and upgrade the existing services.

In order to avoid your knowledge being out of date, it is still reasonable to set the certificate to expire in two years. This book mainly describes the examination experience of three certifications of the assistant level. Since the examination scope, difficulty and preparation methods of the certification of the assistant level are completely different, this passage will not involve too much. It will take an IT staff who has no experience in AWSsome time to attain the AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate Level. But it’s not as long as it seems. My first certification exam was carefully prepared for one and a half months. I spent at least three hours a day and passed the exam with a thrilling accuracy which is 65 percent. For the second test, it only took me more than one week to prepare and only took me more than 20 minutes to finish 55 questions with an accuracy which is more than 90%.I passed it easily. According to my experience, if you don’t have any AWS related experience and invest three hours a day on learning it, you can attain the certificate in three months at most. There are more than ten services which you should master it expertly and if you master it every three days, it will take you thirty days. There are also more than ten services which you should be just familiar with and if you master it every two days, it will take you 22 days. You can read the white papers, finish some hands-on experiments to strengthen the understanding and take the questions exercise on the website to supplement the weak points in the rest of the month. You are required to fix the practice with the theory in every learning process. In particular, you must understand what each option means when operating on the AWS management console. The official documents usually give the specific meaning. In addition, the document will contain the content that is not known in the practice. For example, personal account can only open 20 Elastic Compute Cloudsand you need to applyif there are more than 20 Elastic Compute Clouds. The existing time of a message in an Amazon Simple Queue Service message queue is 14 days. The smallest objects stored in the Simple Storage Service can be 0KB or so. These all can be tested as the part of the exam. I recommend that you take notes on every service you have studied. As the saying goes, the palest ink is better than the best memory.

This can also avoid learning the latterpart of the knowledge while forgetting the former one. Notes can be taken out to reviewfrom time to time. Simulation exams can be conducted directly on the Internet. While you need to go to the corresponding test center at the the formal exam. At present, there are test centers in Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Dalian, Jinan, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuhan, Xi ‘an, Xiamen, Zhengzhou and other cities in China. You can take the exam on Monday and Friday. Generally, you can register for it one week in advance. When taking the formal exam, you need to bring your valid credentials (such as ID card, passport, household registration book), etc. The exam room is a separate room just for you, using a computer provided by the test center. I took my exams in Chengdu. The network here in Chengdu is poor. After answering a question, you have to wait several seconds before moving on to the next question. Although the timer pauses when the page is refreshed, it affect the pace of the answering speed. You can only take pens and scratch papers without taking any electronic equipment when you take the exam.Mobile phones and other equipment need to be placed outside. After finishing the exam, you can hand in the paper in advance, or you can wait for the time to hand in the paper automatically. When you hand it in you’ll know your grade and whether you passed the formal exam or not. You have to finish 55 questions in 80 minutes and you’ll have less than 2 minutes for each question, so it’s pretty tight. Since all the questions are multiple choice questions, a good trick is to underline the a table on a piece of A4 paper.

Architecting on AWS is a 3-day classroom training course on how to design common IT applications based on AWS services. This training course will introduce some best practical experience about the designing applications based on the AWS cloud platforms, including the overall designing concept of the cloud computing and some  attention notices and the applying skillsin the process of using different AWS  services. This course also contains a series of experimental practices to help students improve the practical ability.

Since this is an architecture-oriented course, participants in this course generally need to have a basic understanding of cloud computing and AWS services. In addition, for those wishing to take the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam, although not required, it is a course which is strongly recommended. System Operations on AWS is a 3-day in-class training course that talks about theSystem Operations and teach managers to maintain a highly available, extensible infrastructure service on the AWS cloud platforms. This training course will introduce how to manage and support the AWS resources effectively, including how to create the infrastructure, how to deploy applications, how to monitor resource usage and cost, and how to create the backup solutions.

The course also includes hands-on experiments and group discussions. This course is primarily for system administrator and operations personnel. Participants are required to have a prior understanding of the concepts of the cloud computing and general system operations knowledge including Linux or Windows command lines.You can sign up for one of the AWS training courses which have been mentioned in this article. These courses are sure to help you increase your knowledge of cloud computing and AWS by reviewing the various AWS whitepapers available for the study or examination. These white papers contains some valuable information, and can answer you a lot of problems in this field.Practice is very useful. Practice is very useful. Practice is very useful.The important thing need to be repeated three times.Practical exercise can help you know more details of each service and product function to reduce the anxietyor stress of the certification exam.Once you are ready, make plans for the exam.

Depending on your experience and the type of certificate you want to earn, it will typically take you 80 to 120 hours of practice or study to prepare for the examfully. Let’s take a closer look at what each exam covers. The primary exam of the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam is for the applicants who have some experience in the design of the distributed applications. Applicants should be able to demonstrate their ability to design, manage, and execute applications using tools and services on the AWS platform. The test was updated after February 2018 to include more AWS services and the best practices test format: multiple – choice questions with multiple correct answers.

Test Duration: 130 minutes (depending on the latest test)

Cost: USD 150

Exam Scope:

Network technologies and how they work in the AWS.

How an application based on the AWS work and how the user interface connect with the AWS platform get more.