Kindness to the planet is the requirement of the time. Trading the qualifying equipment is a justice that every device demands. Companies like Apple tradein South Africa offers the best place for such device’s replacement. This nourishes you with the satisfaction that you are disposing of the device in an environmentally friendly manner.

 Apple iPhone’s newest devices are traded in old handsets at some stores. These stores traded in different devices. These include Apple’s smartwatches, Macs and iMacs, iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, etc. If these devices are out of date for a person, Apple’s reuse and recycling program enables us to dispose of the device responsibly at no charge.

Data safety

The data is perfectly safe. One can wipe the data and keep all the information to themselves. Before handing over the device to the company, you can ask the employee about backing up all data. To trade-in an Apple product it becomes even easier to secure data.

Comparing values

These companies claim to trade-in higher values than the market values of several devices. It is difficult to pin down the market price of these devices. If the trade-in values are compared with the new prices, it can be seen that in iStore South Africa the new devices are generally offered at less than half the price of the new device. This includes the devices which are less than a year old.

An easy process

With the development of technology, buying the products is made very easy. In the same way trading, a device is even easier. The device is shipped off in a pre-paid trade-in kit. Or the device can be brought to trade in store directly.


Requesting quote

  • If the equipment is in its eligible working condition, the zones account manager gives a quote for estimated trade-in value. The person can accept it and get further instructions.

Sending the equipment

  • The devices are sent to the company by shipping material that costs you nothing.

Getting zones credit

  • Then trade-in values are determined. The device is analyzed properly and an offer is made.
  • Credit is applied to your zone account in 30 days after receiving the equipment.
  • With this one account, one can reinvest in new Apple products.
  • You can trade in many devices including iPad, iPhone, etc.

Finalizing the offer

The trade-in value depends upon the present condition of a device. Many such devices might have got some damage over years. This will reduce its trade-in value. Thus, traders can evaluate their device at an iStore. By visiting a tech desk they can get their devices evaluated.

After finalizing the amount to trade in the device, an instant discount is given to you. This discount is valid for purchasing in-store or gift cards loaded with trade value. The validity of the discount remains up to three years. 

Online trade-in

To trade-in the iPhones, one can select to do the whole trade-in process online.After selecting the online way of trading in the device, a consultant assesses the unit. He may ask several relevant questions about the device. As per requirement, a diagnostic test is also performed. 

Then indicative trade-in values are provided. These values are subject to further physical diagnostics.If a person accepts the device, he will arrange for a courier to pick up your device. After reaching the trade-in center, the device undergoes several diagnostic steps. The final offer is made according to the analysis reports. This offer can be accepted or denied.


After answering the questions to the company’s employee, based on the information you provide, a competitive trade-in estimate is offered to you, for an Apple gift card or instant credit at an Apple store. You can accept the offer if it suits you or rejects it otherwise. In replacement, you can get the option to recycle it.

Helping the planet

Sometimes people get fed up with the same device. But the device might be not done yet. It is possible that the device still has a lot to serve people. By reaching a suitable trade-in company, the device can be handed to a new owner safely.

If the device is not in good shape, it can be sent to a recycling partner. It saves precious material by taking less from the earth.