LA MALBAIE, Quebec (AP) –

President Donald Trump arrived late for a sexual orientation equity meeting at a universal summit, provoking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to kick it off without sitting tight for “stragglers” to arrive.

Trump made a diversion when he strolled in late for Saturday’s breakfast meeting amid the Group of Seven summit of driving industrialized countries being held in Quebec.

He missed Trudeau’s initial proclamation and went into the room while Gender Equality Advisory Council co-seat Isabelle Hudon was talking.

Security work force needed to open a way for Trump through a throng of writers and cameramen. The camera clicks for Trump nearly muffled Hudon.

French President Emmanuel Macron gazed at Trump after he sat down.

Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland later tweeted photographs of the ladies’ strengthening meeting, demonstrating Trump’s unfilled seat.

Trudeau had made the issue of sexual orientation balance a need for the social affair. He said sexual orientation fairness must “slice through” everything the G-7 does.