Even though sports betting will be legal in Maryland after the October 2020 presidential election, it doesn’t imply you may start placing sports bets right away.

You might be asking why you can’t place any sports bet yet.  Sports betting was legalized via a ballot vote in Maryland, which means that the residents of the state made the decision to authorize it without the state government. Because the proposal merely said that sports betting should be authorized, not how it would appear, there are no laws in effect for how sports gambling will work.

The question of who has the authority to run sportsbooks remains unanswered. Is there a charge for betting on sports? What is the appropriate rate of taxation? The state legislature, which convened on 4th January 2021, has until April 12th to answer all of these concerns and many more. The law is expected to be forwarded to the desk of Governor Larry Hogan by late 2022.

Finding a good sportsbook in Maryland

Unfortunately, regulated sportsbooks in Mary are still illegal. However, you can still place a wager on your favorite sports teams. In states like Maryland, most seasoned bettors often resort to using the service of an offshore sportsbook to place a wager. Since these offshore bookies reside in countries like Malta or Gibraltar, where it is completely legal to place a sports bet, you won’t be breaking the law if you place a bet with their website. Before using any random sportsbook, it’s always good to conduct some research on how they work, as you may end up using a shady bookie. A little research always goes a long way in making a well-informed decision. You can check out this guide about the legality of sports betting in Old Line State if you want to learn more!

Maryland’s Current Situation Regarding Online Sports Betting

As previously stated, sports betting is currently not permitted in Maryland, even though it is theoretically permissible. This is expected to change soon, though. Even if the state does not oppose conventional gambling. First legalized sports wagers will likely be placed at one of Maryland’s six casinos, along with pari-mutuel horse racing betting, bingo, sweepstakes, and a statewide lotto. Even though Marylanders decided to allow sports betting in 2020, they still have to wait if they want to participate in it.

The state assembly, which has been in session since January 13th, 2021, must now pass a sports betting measure supported by the Speaker, but they have their job cut out for them. Finding the tax rate, determining the number of licenses to issue and the process for doing so, as well as many other tasks, must all be completed before sports betting can be legalized. The measure passed the House by a vote of 130-9 in March 2021, giving it further impetus as it advances to the Senate. Since preparing this law for Governor Hogan’s signing is a time-consuming process, we don’t expect to see sports betting in Maryland until late 2022.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn PASPA in May 2018 essentially abolished the 1992 prohibition on sports betting in the United States of America. Many States in the United States can now craft their own regulations governing sports betting.

In Maryland, there is a strong determination to move forth with legal internet betting. Legal sports betting was supported by 53 percentage points in November 2018 in a poll done by the Huffington Post and the College of Maryland. Since the demise of PASPA, Maryland has taken a more aggressive approach.

Online Sports Betting in Maryland: A Brief History

As a result of the Supreme Court’s passage of PASPA in 1993, Maryland banned both offline and online sports betting. PASPA effectively put an end to sports betting in all but one of the United States’ states; Nevada.

Maryland has a link to Las Vegas, the gaming center of the United States. The only places in the United States where slot machines could legally pay in actual cash for some time in the late mid-1950s were Nevada and 4 counties in southern Maryland.  It wasn’t until 1967 that slot machine casinos were ultimately prohibited that interest remained strong.

Enthusiasm in Maryland’s casinos is on the rise again. There are 6 traditional casinos in the state right now, and they’re all spaced out very evenly. Various types of gambling games are all available, as are many more types of gaming. Marylanders can place bets on horse races as well.

Only a few years after gambling was banned in Maryland in 1968, the state lottery was established in 1973. Since then, the lottery has brought in nearly $14 billion for the state’s coffers.

Betting has been part of Maryland’s culture for a long time, as seen by this map. So, legalizing sports betting is a reasonable next step, especially in light of the billions of money that may be generated for the government through taxes and regulations.