Streaming has become the future of entertainment. Video stores are long gone, and cable is increasingly moving toward the same fate. Due to this, almost everyone has a subscription to at least one streaming service now. With the sheer amount of streaming services on the marketplace, however, it can become a daunting task to determine which services are worth your time and money. To help you cut down your list, and find the service that’s right for you, here are seven must-have streaming services in 2022:

1. Disney+

No other streaming services can touch the sheer amount of original, buzz-worthy content that Disney+ has put out this year. From films like Turning Red to series bringing Marvel superheroes to your home screens, it’s nearly guaranteed something that’s going to tickle your palette. With the intensity of its back-catalog included, Disney+ has brought the internet a single, convenient place where you can enjoy all the Disney classics from your childhood.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has partially risen in its popularity due to how many people got it simply for having the delivery service part of Amazon Prime. Nowadays, however, there is enough amazing original content being premiered on the platform that it’s begun to rival giants such as Netflix. There are some fantastic series and films from every genre, and from all corners of the planet, making it an especially must-have service for users who want to feel “in” on pop culture.

3. Netflix

Although Netflix’s name is not as goliath as it was a decade ago, the service still provides one of the best streaming catalogs on the internet. With a continuous ability to put out buzz-worthy original series and movies, Netflix remains a must-have streaming service for anyone who wants to watch the next big thing. If you’re an anime fan, the amount of series in the genre that have found their home on Netflix is impressive as well. Just make sure you have a solid internet provider to help you stream in a consistently high quality. 

4. Hulu

Hulu is still the reigning champ for how many popular TV shows it hosts. If you love cable and network television, but don’t mind waiting a bit to catch the latest episode (or if you want to catch up on a long-running show), Hulu is the answer you’re looking for. While not as impressive with its original content output, the sheer amount of content (TV and otherwise) hosted on Hulu makes it worth its subscription price. The fact that you must pay extra for a non-ad version of Hulu will prove frustrating for many customers, however.

5. Shudder

Have you noticed the lack of quality horror movies on nearly all the major streaming platforms? Horror fans around the world are with you, and Shudder has finally provided an answer for horror fans looking for their new streaming home. The amount of horror content packed into the service is overwhelming, especially if you prefer classic and foreign horror films. Nowadays, Shudder is even making and buying up many of the biggest new horror films. If you’re a horror nerd, you deserve to buy yourself a Shudder subscription (trust us, you’ll get your money’s worth time and time again).

6. Mubi

If you consider yourself a cinephile, Mubi is a must-have. The concept of the revolutionary platform is to provide a sort-of digital movie theater. Thirty films are streaming at once, with one new film revolving into the cycle each day. The platform is beginning to buy streaming rights to some major art films as well, making the subscription price come with even more exclusive, lesser-known content for you to enjoy. The service provides a widely different slate of films depending on what region you’re in, however, so if you want to access everything, consider jailbreaking your streaming device.

7. Criterion Channel

Lastly, the Criterion Channel is a must-have for cinephiles and pop culture historians who want to have access to the largest cinema-focused catalog there is. From classics of the artform, to modern masterpieces, there is a huge amount of content for you to explore. If you miss the day of special features and behind-the-scenes featurettes, you’ll love the sheer amount of extra content and deep dive features that Criterion Channel has to offer its subscribers as well. The price is one of the most reasonable on this list, especially given just how much there is to watch, and the consistency of quality in the catalog, so if you’ve been looking to get into more “highbrow” films, Criterion Channel provides the perfect starting point.

Stream Intelligently in 2022

Your time is limited, so it’s critical that you avoid streaming services that will make you feel as though you’re scrolling content more than you’re actually watching it. Thankfully, any of these seven apps will provide you with endless hours of entertainment. Whether you’re looking for something heavy or light, you’ll find content that will be right up your alley on any of these seven streaming platforms.