Angry crowd protests after Chicago police fatally shoot man Shakego (AP) – A fence gather squandered containers in Chicago Police, and after that an officer shot a man in the city’s south side week, in which no less than four dissidents did not capture at any rate. went.

Frederick, a Chicago police mind proprietor told a news gathering that this man was shot in the South Coast Neighbor, after which the police endeavored to address him with the reason that he was around his belt. Will suggest stuck. Walter said that this man had infectious damage and was liberated from the officers for quite a while.

“He thought he was going behind every one of the weapons by a weapon he had experienced, and the shooter shot and shot him.”

The impartial man was taken to adapt to the offices and soil of a specialist. Waler said that the police trust that brisk terminating has not been given a shrouded consent for the man. Waler said it was widely magazine of ammunition.

Quickly in the wake of shooting, a transient gathering was assembled and begun besieging with the police, which shut the zones. Waler said that numerous individuals tossed the jugs and crushed the squad on the auto. Right now, the police averted them utilizing a stick.

“It’s a sudan insane. Waler said.

Police agent Anthony Goglilemie tweeted that four unlawful specialists were captured.

Waler said some cops had some damage in the fights, and a few groups were naturally hurt.

Evening, after the withdrawal of them, by and by the police were put on handling around the territory. The video has a conflicting show in which the police cover the twirly doos secured by.

Chicago police has an extreme history. The white spa was shown at the sixteenth year of Leonard McDonald’s 17-year-old Challenge in the city. McDonald Dames helped the police proprietor and to energize the future cop and support the improvement of the specialists to think about the duties of the experts.