Among the list of social apps teenagers use these days, Kik has occupied a pretty high spot. With the special feature of being able to send and receive messages through just a username (no phone number), Kik makes it easy to mask one’s identity and communicate with anyone across the world.

Though that anonymity brings a certain spark to conversations, it also adds an element of security concern. You can never really know who you’re talking to over Kik, and as a result, gullible teenagers can fall prey to online pranksters and miscreants.

Lest your child faces an embarrassing or threatening situation due to a stranger on Kik, you need to make sure his/her conversations remain breezy and don’t give away too much personal information. For this, hacking into their Kik account and keeping tabs on every message becomes imperative.

But is it possible to hack someone’s Kik account?

Turns out, with the 5 apps listed in this post, it becomes not only possible but also extremely easy to do so. So what are these apps and how do they achieve Kik hacking? Let’s find out.

Part 1: Spyier

Leading the charts, Spyier is the most high-end and most secretive phone monitoring solution which helps users easily hack and track any iOS or Android cell phone.

Having been around the phone spy industry for a decade, Spyier has managed to win over the trust of millions of people across 190 countries. The app is not only used for personal purposes, but even professionals from leading organizations like Engadget, Tech Advisor, PC World, and Mac World use the app to conduct remote surveillance of their employees.

Working like a charm on iOS and Android phones and tablets, Spyier keeps your data security at the forefront. The app doesn’t need you to tamper with your own device or the target device to work. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the device to work with Spyier.

Additionally, this spyware doesn’t save any user data that it monitors on its servers, thus eliminating the chance of an accidental data leak.

It is very easy to hack someone’s Kik account with Spyier. It takes just 3-steps:

Step 1: First you need to sign up for a free account and purchase a subscription plan to activate your online dashboard where all data from the target device will be shown. The dashboard is completely web-based and you can log into it using any web-browser.

Step 2: Next you need to pick the target OS on which the monitoring needs to be conducted. If you pick Android, you need to install the app on the target device only (this is in line with standard Android phone monitoring practices). Download link and instructions are sent to you via email.

If you pick iOS, you don’t need to install anything anywhere. Only the iCloud credentials of the target device are needed during setup so that the app can sync the iCloud backup’s data into the online dashboard.

Note: Spyier works in stealth mode on all devices so that you don’t get caught; find out more in the next section

Step 3: This is the last step where you need to hit the “Start” button on the “Finish Installation” screen to begin phone monitoring.

Once Spyier starts relaying real-time data updates to the online dashboard, you just need to use the dedicated keylogger feature from the left-hand sidebar to access all passwords your target person uses to sign in to various social accounts.

Spyier’skeylogger feature captures all keystrokes used on the target device and constructs possible passwords to social accounts using which you can easily hack not just Kik account, but all other social accounts your target person engages on. With this feature in tow, you’ll be able to see all exchanged messages on Kik in addition to multimedia files that are shared.

Key Benefits of Using Spyier

  • The #1 benefit of using this app is that it works in complete stealth mode. On iOS, nothing is installed on the target device and the app works remotely. So there’s no chance of you getting caught in the act of spying.

On Android, although the app needs installation, once it is set up you can hide its icon from the app drawer to give the impression that it isn’t there. It is very lightweight (2MB) and doesn’t consume much battery while running in the background so there’s no chance of the target person finding out you’re keeping an eye on them.

  • Spyier is ultra-easy to work with even for non-technical people. The Setup Wizard and intuitive interface add to its user-friendliness
  • The app is affordable and gives you access toover 35 handy features while being complete safe for personal as well as professional use

Part 2: Minspy

Another leader in the remote phone spying arena,Minspy gives you the chance to easily spy on your target person through a dedicated “Kik Spy” feature in addition to keylogger functionality on the lines of Spyier.

Giving parents and people in relationships peace of mind, Minspy offers a live GPS location tracking feature coupled with advanced 3D street view so that the target person’s whereabouts can be traced in real-time.

Part 3: Spyine

Ranking high among corporate houses for employee tracking purposes,Spyine allows users to tap into all incoming and outgoing calls of their target persons. Additionally, you can check their text messages while also being able to retrieve deleted SMSs.

When it offers such advanced communication hacking capabilities, hacking Kik is something that’s child’s play for this app. Hacking Kik account to read the target’s conversations becomes super easy with Spyine which doesn’t leave a single ounce of doubt on your identity as the spy.

Part 4: Spyic

When it comes to completely discreet professional and personal phone spying, there are few apps that can be considered in the same league as Spyic. With a strong reputation of over 10 years in the phone monitoring industry, Spyic is a name to reckon with.

Not just Kik hacking, Spyic simplifies breaking into ANY social account. Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more; all accounts are easily vulnerable to Spyic’s nifty hacking and tracking capabilities.

Part 5: Cocospy

The most reliable parental control application,Cocospy allows users to place geo-fences on their children’s whereabouts. This feature sends out alerts to them if their children breach certain geographical boundaries set on the map so that users always know where their kids are at what time.

Additionally, Cocospy makes monitoring Kik activity super easy, thanks to its dedicated “Kik Spy” feature. One click on the dedicated option in the left-hand sidebar and you can see all messages exchanged between your target and their contacts on Kik.

Wrapping it up

There you go guys. Those are the best 5 Kik hacking apps currently available online. Being totally genuine, all these apps are completely safe to work with and offer some really cool features for you to explore.