Designed for song singing clearly, praise can be included in the Tennessee Titans Mike Wybell, head of the first year’s headlines, said Eric Red, former former NFL Player former official for joining the game against racism against the race against racism, said that Tennessee for John Nath Sapphire Need to take a protector as a potential trade. , Who supported a season-end tear of his left ACL on Wednesday.

After disrupting your left knee during unrelated contact, septron left practice. They snatched on their knees and then stay with the advisors to get the trainer out of the train. Captain, who marked the four-year deal of the past year, made 10 entertaining results as a result of harmful arrest.

The name of the Callen Krafficke is controlled by Melon on the sound of Maden NNF 19

“To reveal to you that during his care, he flew ACL and he will go out for many years, for me to buckle buckle together, as hard for me, Think of a great degree in difficult, offense and group, hard work and work hard, and do what we have requested and then will not be able to deal with the NFL season this year. . ”

Titans welcome the program between Lewis, 30 and alternative replacement with his fourth NFL group, and Demontre Hurst. Red and Canny Vicrolo, who played the last five seasons of New Orleans, are now involved in illegally neutral securities.

Virtual said Titans took a village in Red.

“I know we’re talking and try to get it,” Vebel said. “(GM) Junin (Robinson) and I’ll discuss it and where it goes. Really, this is a person we estimated and we are most likely to interact with it. Will try and understand what kind of people we can get here for a practice. ”

Eric Red: The man standing near the Kuffracker and is currently out of place

After 26 years old, with his contract with San Francisco, he is out of work. Red started 70 amusements with 10th block block efforts.

Red, who believes in him, has been reacted due to the opposition, in March it is said that if the group is marked, he does not plan to challenge during this season’s appreciation. He claimed that in the fight against this spring, he was inevitable due to conspiracy by the NFL owners, and the NFL players’ associations filed a non-harmful complaint for Red’s benefit in May.

The association by the NFL players released a May-one in May, “not to sign a player in the light of the announcement of players, that they will showcase from a club’s perspective, National song due to “definition”

This association also includes: “At least one club queen has received some information about the explanation of a player. We depend on them that their investigation is inconvenient, the wisdom of unity. Is practical. ”


When the Association did not refer to the group, the Washington Post announced that the complaint was attached to Sanjunn Bennon, the Red’s specially known independent office visited the office.

Eric Red says NFL groups are missing deeply because they have a song of Hamad affiliate

So far, at the third phase, all the proteins of proteins are Kevin Babar, with a chance to get the best of the NL for a unit with Janine Ryan, Edwards Jackson and free expert Professor Malcolm Butler. Ryan said at any rate that Titans have enough energy to transform enough.

“It is our graduation test, yet a part of it has been reported to us that we have a discussion that we have very cheap, so it will indicate …” “This It was not a day before the main fun. It is giving us the opportunity to do the work of creams. They can move me around a tide, and enable me to get more things in it and more. Enables us to gain quantity. Our people on the field. “