E-Sports is also known as electronic sports, esports, or eSports, and is a form of sport competition using video games. In the early 2000s, eSports got well-known across the world, thanks to the uprise of organized multiplayer video game competitions all over the world. Players and teams competing in the early-2000 were mostly amateurs not earning enough from video games to make a living out of it.

By the 2010s, esports become crazy popular thanks to streaming services such as twitch and youtube. People across the world would watch each tournament live in big numbers, and the prize pool and popularity around esports just exploded. Even big mainstream media started to take notice and now the biggest tournaments get broadcasted on television in most countries.

In 2011, Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancient) had the big first international tournament with a prize pool of $1,600,000, and now in 2019 the prize pool on The International 2019 was on staggering $34,330,068.

We can now say without a doubt that eSports is a lucrative sport to be good in, the money you can earn in tournaments now are insanely-high and even the salaries alone to the players are enough for them to live great on. As mentioned above, sites like Twitch and Youtube are also a huge factor that eSports become so big since players can make a living out of these sites quite fast.

It’s no doubt that eSports is the fastest-increasing-sport in the world at the moment, and with the numbers and player just increasing like they do there is no telling how big eSports will eventually get.

Free Prediction Competition

With the player growth and the popularity just keeps increasing in terms of viewers in eSports, you can be sure that all online betting sites have added a section of eSports at their site. You can find odds and markets to play on for any type of eSport game you might wanna bet on even if it’s LoL, Dota, SC, WOW, Overwatch, CSGO, or any other.

But, you can also find free eSports competitions online, many online sites have great free competitions you can join to learn how to play on eSports. Here you can also see tips from other players in different types of eSports, and you should not have a hard time finding a suitable and free site to get started with some fun eSports betting.

We really recommend you check out some free eSports competitions before starting to play for real money since you got a lot of different sites that give you the option to join competitions for free.