As a homeowner, home insurance is something that you need to have to protect your property and belongings. However, buying home insurance isn’t easy because it comes with a lot of complexities and protects one of your most valuable assets. In Alberta, if you own a home, you need to spend around $84 on an average for monthly home insurance, while renters need to spend around $49. If you’re looking for Home Insurance Quotes Calgary, you should know what are the factors that can reduce your insurance rates so that you get a good deal with the best coverage for your needs.

Types of Home Insurance Coverage:
If you’re confused about what kind of coverage to buy, you’re not alone! We bring you some important information regarding the various coverages:
1. Basic Coverage – This coverage is also called ‘named perils’ and only covers the particular perils that are outlined in the policy. It is the least expensive home insurance as it doesn’t cover some many potential situations. Home owners can decide to cover what is most necessary with this plan. Normally, basic perils like fire and theft are included in this policy.

2. Broad Coverage – This coverage offers protection for the named perils inside your home along with a broad coverage for your house’s structure. This kind of cover is more expansive than the basic and includes various hazards like falling objects (trees), burglary damage, etc. This plan is priced higher than the basic insurance.

3. Comprehensive Coverage – This plan offers the most inclusive cover, which also makes it the most expensive insurance. The policy will offer protection for all kinds of perils to your home and the perils to the contents inside your home.

You can speak to an insurance professional or a broker to help you get home insurance quotes Calgary based on the kind of coverage you’d like for your home. Here are a few tips to help you save some dollars on your policy:

1. Pipes – Insurance companies tend to prefer copper or plastic plumbing over galvanized pipes. If you’re renovating your home, keep this in mind.

2. Quit Smoking – As smoking increases the risk of fires, insurance companies increase their premium rates for smokers. Quit smoking for your health and your pocket too!

3. Renovation – Insurance is costlier for older and poorly maintained properties. By updating your bathrooms or kitchen, you can save considerably on your premiums.

4. Claims-free Discount – Don’t opt for a claim unless it is absolutely necessary. This will entitle you to get a claim-free discount every year after the first few years.

5. Choose Your Location Wisely – If you’re buying a new house, consider the locality, neighbourhood and weather conditions. It is advisable to steer clear of living in earthquake or flood-prone zones if you can.

6. Bundle – Buy your car insurance with the same company and you’ll get much better home insurance quotes Calgary.

7. Get a Security System – Home owners who have alarm systems are offered better home insurance rates.

You can get a quote online or contact your broker for a reasonable quote as per your home insurance needs. Remember to get adequate coverage and do your best to avail the right discounts from your insurance company.

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