As opposed to a large dinner party, a small and intimate party has only a selected group of 4–5 people who you are close and comfortable with. The food, drinks, ambiance and theme (if any) of the party also depends on your intimacy with the guests because some of your invitees may object to you spending a lot of time and money preparing for the party.

For an intimate party, you can mostly avoid renting a huge place for the event. The guests too might feel more comfortable in your home. If the party is happening right outside your home, lighting and decorations can set the mood. To know more, read ahead to find out how to host a small and intimate dinner party without any hassle.

  1. Make a guest list

Make sure that your guest list comprises some of your closest friends who are not mutually strangers, so that you don’t end up feeling responsible for making sure everyone has someone to talk to. This will also prevent your party from being remembered as an event that merely started and ended with one long and dreaded round of introductions.

  • Skip activities

Everyone usually ends up doing the same thing together. When all get talking or dancing, no one really wants to engage in an activity, like watching a movie, alone! With a comfortable ambience, constant company and frequent food supplies, no one will have any scope of feeling bored. They might even spend the entire event simply catching up on each other. The activities should get in the way of people having a good time together.

  • Do something unusual

Just because it’s an intimate private party, you have the freedom to choose the time, theme, food and drink for the party. It could be anything from a sunday brunch to a weekend supper or simply a pizza/pie party. You can always go BYOB and let people decide their drinks and find out where to buy mead or the best vodka in the city. To be on the safer side, you can keep some light drinks as backup.

  • Let food gather your tribe

With a private party, one can avoid the hassle of using the dining table every time some food is served, for appetizers or just some snacks to accompany the drinks. Anywhere that you put your food, be it the drawing-room table or TV room, your tribe will automatically gather there to devour it. This makes the task of wiping the dining table clean only a one time job. All you have to do is keep a pile of tissues in an accessible distance.

  • Enjoy the party so that invitees can channel into it

When you channel your energy into the party that you’re hosting, the guests too generally feel the vibe and enthusiasm of the host. Do not whine about how you could have done better with your place, arranged for better food or swept your floors twice before everyones’ arrival. If the host feels stressed out, the guests might feel guilty about their presence in the party.

  • Let the friends help

If you keep saying no to your guests when they want to help and feel useful, they might feel distanced to the party or lack the feeling of belongingness. The host can always use some help with setting the table when busy chopping vegetables for salads or some chillies for a cocktail.


Wearing a gown to a party that’s more about feeling free and putting on your jammies, might just make your guests feel out of place. For an intimate dinner party, it’s best to keep your guests picking up on hints to increase their curiosity to the maximum.