It is a kind of bacteria that can be lethal to the humankind. This one grows naturally in water. Especially, dirty and motionless water is the source of this bacteria. If the water we contain somehow gets contaminated by this certain bacteria, chances are we will have the Legionnaire disease.

Remember that, it can be fatal for those who become sick by Legionnaire. They might show the symptoms of pneumonia. While dealing with it, don’t forget that it is a deadly virus.

However, with proper control of water temperature, it is possible to get rid of this bacteria. To do that, a wireless water temperature sensor has become a popular and necessary gear these days.

In what temperature the Legionella bacteria can be killed?

According to many studies, it has been said that Legionnaire’s disease cannot occur from a daily source of water like rivers or tides. To grow these bacteria, it needs a suitable water temperature. The water that we use is created by a man-made system.

Sometimes, this system generates the exact temperature, which can cause these Legionella bacteria to grow. In this water system, this bacteria breeds and multiplies at a risky rate. The suitable temperature for this organism is between 20 to 45 degrees Celsius.

Researches have shown that if the temperature drops below 20 degrees, then this bacteria will become inactive. But to get them killed the temperature has to go above 60 degrees Celsius.

Note: In the UK, the usual temperature of rivers or streams is below 20 degrees Celsius.

How can you catch the Legionnaire disease?

According to many types of researches, even if a person inhales a single small droplet of water, he can become sick by the disease. If the air around us somehow is contaminated with legionella bacterium, then there is a 100% chance of us getting affected by the bacteria.

What is a cold water system?

We have already stated above that if you are keeping a cold water system, then you need to keep the temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. Legionella becomes dormant at this temperature.

If you are living in a colder place, then you may decide to put cold water storage tanks. It will help you to control and maintain the proper temperature of the water. You can also position some closed pipes and tanks. It will let you keep the balance of change you want.

Secondly, no matter what, you have to keep track of your cold water storage temperature at least twice a year. Contact your plumber and discuss the facts on how you can go through the checks from sentinel outlets. You can put extra rotational outlets to make sure that you are getting an accurate reading of the temperature.

What is a hot water system?

Legionella bacteria cannot survive when the water temperature goes above 60 degrees Celsius. Recently you might have seen plenty of hot water storage cylinders in the market. They are made to fit with a thermometer pocket and it helps you get an accurate temperature.

The water that goes out from the cylinder has to possess the temperature above 60 degrees Celsius. When the water starts running, the temperature must be kept at least 50 degrees Celsius. The water supply and TMV are possible to contain lower temperature water. Still, you should check the status monthly.

Those who are in maintenance service, for example, a facility manager is responsible to check and monitor the legionella situation.

Why it is important to monitor the water temperature to kill Legionella?

People who are at most risk of catching the disease

We already know that with growing older we tend to lose the effectiveness of our immune system.

Most risky possible patients

  1. People aged over 45
  2. Diabetic patients
  3. Smokers
  4. People who drink heavily
  5. Patients who are already sick with a chronic illness.
  6. People with cardiac issues

Potential risky patients

  1. Young children
  2. Old people
  3. Hospital patients
  4. People who are living in a nursing home

Our buildings also posses risk if they are not properly equipped

In the history of the Legionnaires’ outbreak, it started from a hotel first. After that, it did spread. If somehow anywhere you hear about a patient of Legionnaire disease, chances are the disease will spread as it passes via the air we breathe.

After the hotel, the bacteria was traced in an air-conditioned restaurant, a water tank of an office, a nearby factory cooling tower, etc.

We should be prepared and take all necessary measures in the listed buildings below to stop an outbreak.

  1. Buildings that have many workplaces
  2. Local residential accommodation
  3. Nursing homes
  4. Universities
  5. Hospitals
  6. Hostels


It is not that hard to kill this bacteria before it begins to spread and create havoc in our daily lives. All we need to do is to have basic knowledge about what this bacteria is and how it can be killed. This article has all the important information you need to know. This will help you to have an idea of how important it is to monitor the water temperature to prevent Legionella bacteria.