Despite the often preconceived notion that the search engine spectrum begins and ends with Google, believe it or not, there are many alternatives that are sometimes better suited to individual preferences.

Alternatives are definitely worth exploring if you’re interested in using a browser that doesn’t track your behavior. Unfortunately, Google monitors your search history, tracking data to build a profile of you.

Many worry about their profile being sold to third parties, such as advertisers, governments and data brokers. Even if you’ve got nothing to hide this can be viewed as an invasion of privacy.

The best way to overcome the worry of data tracking is by using one of the safer, alternative search engines outlined below:

Search Encrypt

This is a search engine which preferences privacy above everything else. If privacy is important to you, this platform is probably right down your street. Search Encrypt uses local encryption, meaning identifiable information is impossible to track.

A Search Encrypt guarantee, assurance which allows you to feel safe and secure. It is a metasearch engine, where the results you get from searches aren’t tailored to your personal history. Consequently, you’ll achieve well-rounded results that are taken from a network of search partners.

What’s even more intriguing about Search Encrypt is it doesn’t log your search history for any longer than 15 minutes. Once you’ve been inactive for this amount of time, the browser automatically erases your local browsing history.

You’ll never have to worry about your search history being monitored. offers a level of privacy conducive to protecting your sensitive information. Peace of mind for consumers who use the engine, which essentially lets you browse in incognito mode.

Hot is relatively new, but it’s certainly worth exploring, especially given the wide selection of search results you’ll encounter.


A privately-owned search engine which provides expert-level results by utilizing top-notch algorithms and other modern infrastructure. WolframAlpha focuses on providing optimal answers, leveraging knowledgebase for useful outcomes.

Most importantly, the search engine respects your privacy. Though it doesn’t track your results, that doesn’t stop it from serving as an expert hub of knowledge.

WolframAlpha is split into multiple categories, including Society & Culture, Mathematics, Science & Technology, and Everyday Life. The ability to search within individual subcategories is a bonus, where you can narrow your results and receive specific, expert knowledge.

You can research statistics, compute data and receive answers to even the most extravagant of questions.


One of the most secure search engines on the market, DuckDuckGo offers an enhanced search experience, while promising to never track your information.

If remaining private is important to you, you’ll certainly appreciate a search engine that’s purposefully built for anonymity. The ability to receive instant results without tailored ads is another huge draw, just one of the many features offered with ‘The World’s most private search engine’.

DuckDuckGo also offers a proxy service for even greater safety, alongside a custom URL generator which allows you to browse without the use of tracking cookies!

Enjoy these benefits from the comfort of a clean interface, one which is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, set up for ease of use.

Browse safely and efficiently with DuckDuckGo!


This privately owned safe search was originally launched in 1996, when it became one of the first search engines of its kind. Though clearly many other competitors capitalized the market, perhaps leaving HotBot behind, the platform has continued to undergo transitions to retain relevance.

After several makeovers, the website was redesigned in 2019 as a safe, private search engine. It specializes in privacy, with safety as a key element of its new slogan.

Utilize one of these safe and efficient search engines for peace of mind! You can sit tight knowing your information is safe, a luxury that shouldn’t be understated.