Tennis bets are only for bores? Absolutely not, because this fast-paced sport has a lot to offer. Live tennis in particular gets things going in a matter of seconds: the players not only chase the ball around their ears and engage in a nerve-racking exchange of blows on the baseline and net.

No, you can even watch many bookmakers live. They offer live tennis betting and provide the best tennis odds for favorites and underdogs.

So that you can implement your very own strategy for the best tennis bets.

Here are the most important things to remember:

  1. A tennis prediction is not as difficult as you might think.
  2. Clever bettors know exactly how to use the odds correctly in tennis bets.
  3. Find out beforehand what the two opponents are like and who is currently in the best condition.

You can also take part in Wimbledonor other awesome events of the international tennis circus and join in the excitement at live tennis.

Helping you avoid the essential mistakes in the tennis betting tips and make a smart decision for the best tennis bets, here is the ultimate help.

Must-Watch Tournaments

There are numerous tournaments around the globe where you can watch live tennis and place the best tennis bets.

The Grand Slam tournaments are divided into:

Australian Open (January)

French Open (May / June)

Wimbledon (June / July)

US Open (August / September)

Best Players

Looking at the world rankings makes it easier to place tennis bets. Thefollowingplayersareparticularlysuccessfulin 2020/2021:

  1. NovakĐoković
  2. RafaelNadal
  3. DaniilMedvedev
  4. DominicThiem

Depending on the tournaments played and the victories won, the world rankings can change again and again, so that the tennis odds at third-party providers are also adjusted according to the favorites or supposed underdogs.

If you use your sports betting strategies, for example, and bet on favorites, you should always keep an eye on the current world rankings .

Where Should You Turn To Get the Best Odds

The tennis quota can vary significantly. The reason for this is the pairing of the game, the importance of the event or other factors.

As experience shows, there are often lower tennis betting odds at the International Tennis Premier League or smaller events. If you are specifically looking for a high tennis odds, you should concentrate primarily on the larger tournaments.

If you like to place live bets, remember that the odds may change a lot. Mainly because, as the game advances, it is easier to know who the winner will be and other things, as the condition of both players.

Unibet Should be a Good Pick

Before you decide on a tennis bookmaker (for example with unibetunibetakcióbets or with tipico bets on ball sports), you should take a look at the current offers in comparison.

Just a few differences in the tennis odds can decide whether you get more or less winnings. Since not every bookmaker offers live tennis with lucrative odds, you should also pay attention to the comparison of the tennis betting odds.

Winning Tips

With the right tennis betting tips, everyone can celebrate success in betting around the fast game, even with a low stake and a comparatively low risk. Above all, it is important to have as much information as possible about both players.

The best tennis bets are especially successful when the betting slip actually says a profit (at best with the best tennis odds). In order for the tennis betting tips to be promising, it is important to gather as much information as possible. Therefore, the focus should not only be on comparing the tennis betting odds, but also on implementing the tennis betting tips. The most important questions are:

In what condition are both players?

It is important to see the current condition of both players before placing a bet. If one of them, for example, has had a recent injury, he may not be able to play at his best level. Something that happened with Rafael Nadal recently.

Is there a clear favorite?

In every sport, we have favorites. In tennis nowadays, Djokovic is certainly a clear favorite in every match. So, maybe, betting on his games won’t be so lucrative as betting in other options.

Best Strategies

Everyone has their own approach to tennis betting strategies. For example, some betting enthusiasts concentrate primarily on live tennis and fill out their betting slip during the game. Others, on the other hand, place their bets on the court before the match stars.

There is no such thing as one absolutely safe betting strategy. The only thing you need to do is analyze the possibilities well in order to lower your risks.


The fast-paced ball sport is very popular because it is exciting and offers countless opportunities for betting. Bets on the top players of the ranking are extremely popular with beginners, especially because of their low risk.

The tennis odds for the favorite tips are significantly lower than for tennis bets on underdogs. If you like the risk and would like higher tennis odds, you will specifically look for more interesting duels, or maybe go to the live betting options.

The excitement of live tennis is even more ultimate, because here everything can change in a matter of seconds. Many bookmakers not only provide live tennis bets, but also broadcast the matches in the stream.

Tennis betting tips are asked here in real time, which works particularly well with mobile devices, mainly because you don’t need to stay sitting on the PC for hours. With the mobile, you can place bets whenever you want and wherever you are.