Many of us are self-conscious about having very less visible cheekbones, which is why getting cheek fillers might be the only thing roaming in our minds. Cheek fillers are a cosmetic process which are meant to lift our cheekbones, bring volume to our face, smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles and most importantly lift our face. They are injections that increase the volume of the area above or around the cheekbones. This brings the appearance of a better bone structure. The professionals at Westside Face provide the best cheek fillers to lift face in Santa Monica. They will provide you with all types of methods that are required for carrying out the procedure of cheek fillers.

  • Juvederm

It is one of the non surgical dermal fillers that is executed by the professionals at Westside Face. It is hyaluronic dependent filler which is constructed to bring plumpness and volume to the facila tissue. The experts use this to fill the nasolabial fold and the lines. It is one of the best cheek fillers accessed for face lifting. Its results mostly last for a year. The best part about it is that it is temporary and if you don’t like the look, it can be dissolved and get reinjected. If we wish to get better results then, scheduling regular appointments and get regular maintenance injections with Westside face is the best option. It works more perfectly when it is mixed with Restyling which is also made up of hyaluronic acid.

The procedure

The licensed professionals of Westside Face carries out the procedure in the safest and the best manner. We will have to avoid taking any kind of medication two weeks before the procedure. Now, they will provide us with a complete sterilized environment which is the most important thing. They will apply anaesthesia on the injection area or they might blend the numbing agent with the filler itself.

The injection procedure is simple and lasts for about 20 minutes. After applying the injection, the results will be effective immediately. It might take about two days for the filler to settle in the position on your face. They will also inform us about the tips for recovery.

  • The professionals will suggest us to not sleep on our cheeks. Sleeping flat on the back is recommendable.
  • Avoiding stressful exercises is also recommended until the filler has entirely taken the shape.
  • They will ask us to not touch our face and to keep our face clean and dry as much as possible.

Westside Face professionals will provide us with services and with it, they will give us tips and suggestions to keep ourselves safe under a pocket friendly budget. The procedures that they execute are completely safe and beneficial for us. There are no chances of disappointment with their services. No matter what service you need be it face lifting, neck lifting, chin augmentation, Botox and many others, they have the facility and treatment of all of them. So, for safe and perfect surgeries this should be our first choice. And, as it is offers the best cheek filers to face lift in Santa Monica, there is no other consultancy that will provide you with that level of quality service.