In today’s article we will see how to change the faking location on iPhone, iPod or iPad, basically we will see how to put the wrong location on any device that has iOS. Fake location on iPhone is now something possible

What could be the reason for creating a fake place? In fact, there may be several reasons why you want to fake your location. One of them is the issue of confidentiality, which is a very delicate issue for many people. All programs somehow constantly access our data.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to jailbreak a mobile device to do this. One of the best solutions, without a doubt, Dr.Fone is a virtual location that works wonders.

That is why confidentiality is very important, and the question of our location even more so. So below we’ll show you how to change your location and use a fake one. It’s not difficult to change your location to show a completely different current location. To do this, we need a program that allows you to falsify the location.

In fact, there may be various reasons why a person does not want their current location to be known. This may be for the sake of privacy, perhaps most important of all, so that someone does not try to find you, and so on.

With Dr.Fone – Virtual Location you can do the following;

– Change the GPS location of your iOS device to anywhere in the world.

– Violate the geographical restrictions imposed by some websites.

– Simulate fake movement in several modes. Simply put, you can make it look like you are walking or cycling. This feature is indispensable if you are dealing with augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go. You don’t need to leave your bedroom to play. Really fun, right?

– With Dr.Fone – Virtual Location you can change the location of GPS on 5 different devices. Most of these products limit the development of your GPS location to only one device.

Here’s an overview of how you can use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location to fake iOS GPS using the location simulator:

  1. Run this tool on your PC. Go to the “Virtual Addresses” tab in the main interface.
  2. Connect iPhone to your PC and click “Start”.
  3. You will go to the next window. Click the Center Enabled icon at the bottom right to get your exact location.
  4. Now go to “teleportation mode”, enter the name of the new place and click “Go”
  5.   You will see a small pop-up box. This will show you the distance between your actual location and your fake location.
  6.   Now click “Move here”.
  7.   You have now successfully forged the GPS location on your iOS. Your fake location will be displayed as your real location in various location-based applications.

I wonder, right? I hope this information can be useful!

GPS is one of the best ways to determine your current location on your smartphone. There are various programs available that work depending on your location. If you use Facebook, Google, Tinder, Uber, alternative Tinder applications or other applications, then you need to turn on GPS on your smartphone. This allows you to easily get navigation on your smartphone. There are few applications available that work in the GPS system with country restrictions. If any apps aren’t available for your country or region, you can use fake GPS apps on your smartphone. This will allow you to easily change your current location and use the app to get a fake location.

The augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon GO seems pretty boring after a period when you end up catching all the Pokemon nearby. Well, we have the latest working ispoofer Pokémon go iOS Hack 2020, which does not require Jailbreak or any changes to your device.

Pokemon is a fantastic game, not a realistic game. Pokémon go encourages players to take to the streets, find and complete their quests. some people want to play a realistic game, such as the Pokémon go joystick iOS app is present in the Google store, which is a realistic game. it helps you teleport your phone anywhere in the world, allowing players to play the game on google map without leaving their real location.


Pokémon Go is the most popular fantasy game with the iOS GPS joystick. You can change your location. You can want anywhere in the world. Fake location GPS joystick iOS use this, just download the app to your iOS and have the freedom to write your location the new version of the joystick is on the top map Pokémon go throw Pokémon go joystick iPhone which you can change on the map.


It supports GPS, which allows you to move to the right place on the Pokémon go map without actually traveling there. With the help of fake iOS GPS, you can travel to anyone anywhere in the world, for example, in Dubai, UK, as well as make new friends around the world. Tweak Box is an interesting third party that is used to modify our Pokémon go game, which contains a GPS joystick and their false location, you can get realistic GPS values ​​after installing this. Spoofer is also a program used to change your location in Pokemon


  • The fake GPS joystick is used to quickly change your location.
  • Used for direct use with the joystick.
  • Used to control the player and walk fast.
  • this will change our location when you hover the joystick
  • this will provide a complete customization of the user, you will be able to get various options to cool the time information


  • Setting up an APK for a GPS joystick is not easy for a fake GPS location.
  • The fake GPS joystick doesn’t work well, that’s what many users offer.
  • you need several methods to apply a fake GPS location
  • the fake GPS location is played back within minutes of the first installation
  • When using a fake GPS joystick in iOS, there are many steps that are confusing and unlikely to be performed

Risks of using a fake place

sometimes it is risky to use a fake location, because the fact that you change your location to Pokémon go, it will also use other programs such as Snapchat, it will also affect the VPN developed by a third party, which is malware and potentially harmful your device. If you use a fake GPS location, you can ban it. Niantic regularly checks on your device whether you are using a fake site or not.


We use a fake or Tweak Box to use a fake location in iOS, but it’s more risky. Substitution is harder to establish if we change our location than its impact not only on our devices but also affects our device. Choose the best one that meets your expectations.